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  • Hi, I'm working on a PSVita FIFA 20 mod and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to convert a FIFA 14 face to 13 (those are the ones compatible with the PS Vita version).
    I've seen people converting the most recent FIFA 14 faces (converted from the Switch) and I was wondering if you could give me any tips on this, since the guy that was doing this simply vanished from the team.

    Thanks in advance!
    hey can i ask which is the file for match days in manager mode? i changed the days (via CM) so the calendar will be better now (no more 2 matches at the same day) and i want to share it with friends.
    Здорова, хочу предложить тебе сотрудничество, давай я тебе дам свой патч РПЛ и ФНЛ сезона 19-20 все сделано, ты засунешь его к себе в патч 19-20 и подредактируешь чуть чуть, что бы все четко работало.
    Hello mr. tokke001, I've a problem with the 2018-19 patch (1.1) for FIFA 11. The game shows only the first generic adboards (I think they are the World Cup adboards) and not the specific ones for the teams. Also in the Creation Master they don't appear. The rx3 files are correctly placed in the "adboards" folder. I hope you can help me
    Hello Mr. tokke001, sorry for bothering you. I've been trying to install the patch for Spanish commentaries but I haven't been able to, I run the installer at FIFA 11 folder and apply the i68 regenerator but in game settings there's no option for spanish. I have the EU version of FIFA 11 with english, french, deutch, italian and dutch. I would be really greatful if you can help me.
    Hello, Mr. Tokke001.
    I post the message in your thread "Programs & tools".
    Give me the answer, please.
    With best whishes. Mr. Carlos*all69
    Hello mr. tokke001 and sorry to bother you , i have made just like you said and the "2017-2018 patch" works great,then i installed "Leagues And Teams" patch , it works , its ok but i do have a problem,the "Leagues and Teams" patch works only with few scoreboards , when i select various scoreboards from the "Selector" and then start FIFA 11 ot crashes at first screen.Thank you and all the best , have a great day ! :)
    Hi tokke001.
    A question about Fifa 11 2015-16 Patch (Leagues&Teams)
    I've edited formation for any team and save. And I've closed game and run fifa.exe but "fifa has stopped working." I've deleted Documents-FIFA 11 "Settings0blablabla" file and fifa.exe has worked fine. What do I?
    Tokke , why when installing the installer, it shows invalid .... then need to run again and failed at the same process. Im done with 1st installer but 2 keep show the invalid
    Hi tokke
    thank you so much for ur job !
    u work amazing
    can you please send me the newest patch for fifa 11 ?
    i mean 2017-2018 squads and players
    thanks man pls replay me
    Hi Tokke! You're create fantastic mod for FIFA 11, congratulations! :) Can You show me shirts Wisła Kraków and Qarabag from patch 17-18? :)
    Hi tokke001,
    first, i can see that i admire your work. The patch that you did for FIFA 11 is stunning. I was wondering, if you can do me a favour. Can you convert zidane face from FIFA 15. Secondly the maradona face is missing in your patch. Can you send me some link or smth.
    Best regards. Your the best patchmaker. Salute
    Hi tokke001, thank you for answering but I have another problem: I did it as you said, but it comes out written: I've got it right.

    Incorrect optical media.

    Insert the original FIFA 11 CD/DVD-ROM.

    You could reply as soon as possible, thank you.
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