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    Cant find it

    Ok i cant find the option where you can search for assistant manager like in CM 03-04 you could but i have not found that in this game yet???? Anyone know where it is?:confused:
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    Training/Fitness Help

    Well i need some help on the fitness issue in the game. My player are too tired and i was wondering if anyone has come up with a good training program yet??
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    Agent approaches club

    Ya first time i got this message, i looked at the video and he looked really good and he wants to join my club... lol this is kinda weird, anyone got this yet??
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    PES 3 for PC ******* BLOWS

    AH ive had it with this game. Theres too many stupid ****ups in this game. The keepers are ******* retarted doing stupid **** all the time. The defenders dont know how to defend even if it was to save thier mother. The pass is inaccurate and sometimes they pass it fast and other times...
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    FM Screenshot Showoff

    I think its time we have one of these now:D Im downloading the game right now so ill post pics later. So anyone that has the game start posting pics.
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    Very Funny G. Bush Speech DL the first video called Bush whacked 2 video This is the funniest thing i have seen a while:rolf: Id suggest everyone to dl it, you need quicktime to view it.
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    realmadridcf vs TottiNZidaneR#1 Net Game

    Well thats right we started a net game and im Barca and his Real Madrid his a pic of our first match. I won by a lot:D but my defence is **** and Carlos missed a pk.:D
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    City of God

    Or known as Cidade de Deus is the best film i have seen this year. It is a foreign film from Brasil and its in Portugues but its the best film i have seen this year and i highly recommed this to anyone that hasnt seen this movie yet. I give it 10/10:rockman: For anyone wondering here is the...
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    I got a new stadium

    YES, i moved to the new stadium, Ashburton Grove with 60000 seats:rockman: :hump: :mrpimp: (H)
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    Found Good Training

    I found a really good training regiem on some site, heres the site It has worked very will for me so far, i will post a pic of how it is going. I had to make pic smaller cuz i only...
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    Valencai game on Telemondo

    Just telling anyone that has Telemondo ( its a spanish channel ) that they are showing Valencia match from today.:)
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    [CM 03-04] Worldclass left winger

    Ok like in the title i need a very good, perferably young left winger at the price of like 15- 20 million, i offered 40 million for VDR and Ajax reject:kader: how much does it take to get him.:confused:
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    Ok i dont excatly know how regens work so if someone could tell me that would help alot, so far i havnt gone farther then 2 season but this time i will, how do regens work and how do you know its a regen!?:confused:
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    Can Arsenal go unbeaten!?

    Well so far Arsenal are still without a loss in the EPL and it looks like they arnt stopping.... personally i think they will go unbeaten cuz they look unstopable. Anyone else think so too.:confused:
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    My Morecambe game

    Well this is my first time that i am picking a small team and bringing them up, i chose this team from the conferenese and i only have 20k to spend on players:crazyboy: :kader: :f***: But this is my first time so any help will be thanked, and i will update my game as well.