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    360 rant

    Hello all just would like to put my 2 pennys worth in over new 08 demo on live and the whole pro series. First off i think the demo of the new pro is not that bad the slow down in the last one has gone and the dribbleing has muched improved.i can see the point in that some people say it's to...
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    momo 2k7 you need a no cd patch, you could go to or gamesburnworld or just google no cd patch pes 6 pc in google you should find one no problems,
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    Can't get into Lobbys for 2 days now

    ive had the same thing for the last 2 days as well had to sign in as a nother account,i tryed to sign in a hour ago and could not even get into a lobby,i must say that the server is the worst i have ever seen it a f**king joke
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    please can any of you guys help me i would like to put in a video of some goals over the opening vid of pro evo 6 on the pc i would like to know is it poss with dkz studios? any one please.
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    pes 6 pc

    has any body out there got any video intros for pro 6 on the pc, i dont no like some prem goals or somthing.
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    XBOX Controller for pes6 (pc) help needed !

    this mite help you baya i used a xbox controller go into control panle go into game controllers there then into propeties and you should be able to calabrate them shoulder buttons to work ,i had the same prob
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    where to find usa peeps playing pes6?

    segovia i think the connection speed is the little bars near the names and you are right about the lag try to find someone with 1 bar and more then it will be a little better
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    PES6 Full torrent with link

    nice one all sorted stadiums easy should have used my eyes and read bit eager to get them on thanks pro rev
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    stadium and ball probs.

    hi chronic you say 3danalize should sort it what is it matey and what do i do with it,soz if seem stupid ask but nooby to this patching lark. thanxs 4 the reply
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    stadium and ball probs.

    hi having a problem with kitserver, the kits are fine but when i put balls or stadiums in there it crashes the game any one else had it and has any one got any ideas thanxs,useing juices kit server
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    PES6 Full torrent with link

    i have a problem useing the stadiums as i dont no what to do with them do i need to use dkz studios or do they just load in like the kits?
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    Need a graphics card to run pes5 smoothly for less than £50.

    u could try overclockers they are fast and very helpful i got a ati radion 1300 iceq turbo from there 2 months ago they have a good range of g cards there
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    PES6 Full torrent with link

    sliad your a gem doing this torrent done my kits a treat spot on to ya son
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    playing pro evo 6 pc online i have been having trouble getting into the rankings system in game when i go in there it just seems to search and never find any thing then says prob connecting has any one else had this?
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    pro evo 6

    just a little help for people who have a pioneer burner 111d if any one is playing pro evo6 with this burner and having trouble playing it try getting a no cd patch as the pioneer dvr 111d does not like the disc at all. had the problem myself