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    Football Coaching

    I'm thinking of going to the USA next summer to be a football coach at a summer camp. I have a few websites where i have got some info but if any body has any websites or have coached in the USA could they please tell me the website or where i can get some info Cheers
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    Cheap FM 2005

    Whilst looking at prices of FM 2005 on the internet i found that on you can buy the game and get it delivered to you on the day of release for £18 with free postage and packaging. P.S I haven't played the demo yet so is it worth buying?
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    (03/04) Japaneese J-League

    I have just started a game with Yokohame F Marinos and the team i have is fairly poor. I have £3.9m to spend on players. Does anyone have any suggestions on who to buy?
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    [CM0304] Good right mid needed

    I am in the second season with Newcastle United and need a good right winger. Any suggestions?
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    Need a good right winger

    I need a new right winger for my Newcastle United team. I'm in the second season. know any good ones?
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    [CM 03/04] Cheap young players

    Some very good, cheap players: Nyron Nosworthy 23 DRC Gillingham £1m Espen Johnsen 24 GK Rosenborg £1.3m Hjalmur Dor Hjalmsson 21 DR IA (i think) Free (first season) £750k (after first season) Jussi- pekka Savolainen 17 AML P-Iirot £14k Roberto Javier Mina 19 FC...