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    NEXT!ON Burning Confesions SG ad

    Has anyone noticed those ads, they're like in the bottom of the screen and say why you should take up pot in a negative way. Makes me want reef... anyone else feel the same? Oh and watch that KALIFORNIA video that's on their site... I'm like 100 and 7 and a half percent sure that she's on...
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    Oh My God!!!!

    There's a spanish speaking forum here at SG!
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    Movies into games

    Scarface, Godfather, JAWS and Taxi Driver are all great movies but I think they're pretty crappy ideas for a game. Even Miami Vice is going to have it's own game. What the hell. Coppola hates the idea of the Godfather game. In jaws you play the shark and I think all you do is destroy boats...
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    International career mode

    Play career mode with a country, take part in major competitions, friendlies, qualifiers, the works basically. And of course every single counrty, even unliscended ones, should be in the game (just like in fifa 2002 only with the features I mentioned above).
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    Help on face texture importing

    I use wepicture decorder (I don't think if it's the recent update). I use jasc pro 7 for editing the texutre, but my problem is this (look at picture). There's only supposed to 2 (one big texture and one small). Also the file size changes from 25kbs to 9kbs. Once I import the w***.bin file...
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    FLABBY's random thoughts of the day

    RANDOM THOUGHT OF DAY A man with no penis is no man at all. See you t'row unless this thread has been closed, which will most likely happen which will then follow w/ me getting banned for being too random. OHHH YEEEAAAHHH!:boyaka: :monkey:
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    Bloodninja text files

    Man talks with girls over internet, outcome.... HILARIOUS! Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat. :rofl:
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    The official SG Bit torrent thread

    Just to let people know about how you can download full length matches, here are a few links this thread has links to gamesincluding those of the Championsworld series, sony amsterdam tourny, Vodaphone Cup, Barcelona asian tours and some vids of players like Del Piero, Aimar, Drogba...(most...
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    download full soccer games, free!

    Found it, but it's mostly ukranian soccer but it does involve some other teams aswell (boca-racing, milan-inter, juventus-milan, Greece-ukraine, Russia-albania, Milan-Real, Besiktas-Dynamo) Many games, the only problem is I don't know how to download them. Says I got to get an FTP client...
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    Hey guys I'm back, i haven't posted for such a long time now because I have been extremely busy, school, soccer, work(fired yesterday) and now I'm back. Hey atsu if you still have that website up and running or if anyone else knows a site I can send some patches to, tell me. I won't be making...
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    The Littlest Groom

    All I gotta say is it's about a midget dating on FOX. So degrading. I'd watch this, it's way better than survivor and average joe, those shows are so stupid.
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    Limberopoulos21's face thread

    finally figured out how to do it, and here's my first face, Olisadebe. Here's the preview on Oedit.
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    Randy Savage (macho Man) RAP

    This site has him Rapping. Be a man Hulk. Hahaha he says joint!
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    I hate memos. If you hate memos, then we have something in common. Huzzah!
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    Panathinaikos vs. AEK

    I just wached some of it. PAO 2-1 Goals Fyssas, Kyrgaikos, Georgatos Seitaridis just got his second yellow.
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    The faces.

    Sorry they aren't in yet, but I was making a few more faces in my spare time and three more for some other people at Fifakulte. Now here are some you've seen befora nad some new ones. I've misspelled a few of them. Note fdsfdsf is part of ther name.
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    The joke thread.

    Tell everyone your funny jokes or stories. Plz do not insult people, except for celebrities.
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    Tonight's games

    Tonights games, who will win? Third qualifying round - Second leg Newcastle 19:45 Partizan Celtic 19:45 MTK Lokomotiv Moskva 20:00 Shakhtar (2-1) FCK 20:05 Rangers Dortmund 20:30 Club Brugge CSKA Sofia 20:30 Galatasaray (0-0) Ajax 20:30 GAK Slavia 20:45 Celta Dinamo...
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    What's your favorite movie(s) of all time?

    Mine is Who's Harry Crumb and a lot of movies with Peter Sellers (Pink Panther , the party).(H)
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    Crapy movies coming out 2004

    Die Hard 4: Die Hardest (2004) (isn't he dead, bad guy germans can't do it) Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) Dinotopia: Curse of the Ruby Sunstone (2004) Dracula 3000 (2004) (V) Dragon Ball Z (2004) Exorcist IV: The Beginning (2004) Fat Guy, The (2004) Fantastic Four (2004)...