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  1. kingmuro

    tutorial for modif stadium with blender

    You can make an opaque texture. Then modify the mesh accordingly.
  2. kingmuro

    fifa stadiums 16 to 14

    flip the UV?
  3. kingmuro

    fifa stadiums 16 to 14

    Arena Lviv
  4. kingmuro

    The Wizard's Stadiums

    Wow guys great work, I liked them a lot
  5. kingmuro

    The Wizard's Stadiums

    Great stadiums. I liked them. Some nice news for the football community today. Thanks Wiz!
  6. kingmuro

    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    So for these stadiums size would be the only concern. Otherwise they are excellent. Maybe a few sponsors would be OK, but not exactly needed. Great conversion.
  7. kingmuro

    Masterleo10 Stadiums

    Sure, you can give a try to convert
  8. kingmuro

    kardeş pano yapmıyorum ben onlar ihtiyaç için yapılmıştı. orada da yazıyor istek kabul etmiyorum...

    kardeş pano yapmıyorum ben onlar ihtiyaç için yapılmıştı. orada da yazıyor istek kabul etmiyorum diye. pano yapmak zor değil biraz Photoshop öğrensen yeterli.
  9. kingmuro

    Hjbs Kits

    How does it feel to open 50 accounts and constantly spam threads with excessive requests, @manu74 ?
  10. kingmuro

    The Wizard's Stadiums

    Looks solid... could you also modify the sponsors if you have time? Looks like they are from 2002 FIFA World Cup instead of Scotland
  11. kingmuro

    My Edited Stadiums

    Yes it is my work. Congrats, this is a very nice and iconic stadium, shame federation is not allowing the team to play there. They are forced to play in Ataturk Olympic which is too big to use, and Esenyurt which is far away from Fatih.
  12. kingmuro

    The Wizard's Stadiums

    Today's special; Ostseestadion of Hansa Rostock. Originally done for FIFA10, I don't know the creator. But he did a very good job, because when I remastered the textures, the quality of model became certain!
  13. kingmuro

    D5ouglas stadium

    No my friend. This stadium is not fake. Me and my friend PablinPK from WSP6 forums did this stadium for PES6. I edited a lot of textures for that one. This is not fake. We tried our best to implicate Lotto Park because the version existed dates back to f'n 2002 when FIFA 2003 was published. It...
  14. kingmuro

    kingmuro Adboards

    I enjoyed 2020 Summer Olympics, a lot. It was the best Olympics I ever watched in my life; production quality, simple organization, competitive quality, best ever performance of Turkey at Olympics... I was so content of the Olympics. I focused on making Olympic mods, there are plans for creating...
  15. kingmuro

    The Wizard's Stadiums

    Man... I failed to win a medal. This sucks.
  16. kingmuro

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

    I know both players, they were legends of Trabzonspor. All I can say is they look perfect
  17. kingmuro

    Moldovan League 16

    @RobbieD_PL do you have this?
  18. kingmuro

    My Edited Stadiums

    Does Heroes de San Ramon stadium exist for any game?
  19. kingmuro

    My Edited Stadiums

    You are constantly improving. I really like what you do.
  20. kingmuro

    Stadium Requests Thread

    Thanks for your gracious comments guys panin, I will prepare the stadium in a few days. Here it is extremely hot nowadays so I can not even concentrate on what I do now. Cheers.