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  1. Thiego-BR

    Access to FIFA 08 PS3 / Xbox360 files

    Hello guys, I'm passing by to ask for help! I want to know how do I access the FIFA 08 kits and minikits etc ... of the PS3 or Xbox 360 version? Anyone who can help me is very grateful!
  2. Thiego-BR

    Help with fifa 16 journey mode characters

    I want to ask for help to get the heads of the characters in the journey mode, but I'm having trouble converting the files that are in obj and fbx. Can someone help me? @Lagwagon93
  3. Thiego-BR

    Patch America 08 no password

    Olá a todos aqui do fórum, queria saber se alguém jogou esse patch america 08 do time antigo fifamania, pois eu tenho o patch mas não tenho a senha para instalar, se por acaso alguem já jogou e souber a senha compartilhe Comigo !?
  4. Thiego-BR

    FIFA 16 season 2007/2008

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone here in the forum would be willing to help me make a wish to be able to play a patch with teams from the 2007/2008 seasons at FIFA 16. At first my idea was to form the cast of that season, had someone to help with kits would be great, in relation to...
  5. Thiego-BR

    Correction for Face Master beta1

  6. Thiego-BR

    Converting legends faces FIFA 18 for FIFA 16

    Hello anyone could help me with some faces of FIFA 18, in fact I wanted to use legends faces extracted from FIFA 18 Pc to use in FIFA 16 Mark Overmars - 50666 Paul Scholes - 246 Jamie Carragher - 5467 Alessandro Del Piero - 1075 Ole Gunnar Solskjær - 1845 Carles Puyol - 13038 Juan Sebastián...