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    face download help

    i have recently downloaded a face and it is a .bin file but i have no idea how to get it into the game. do i just copy it into the game folder or do i need a special program? please can someone help? thanks
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    Request A Face/Hairstyle

    please could someone try and make a face for petr cech with the headgear? Image 1: Image 2: Please can someone do this i think it would look really...
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    option file

    does anybody know where i can get an option file for the pc that adds real kits, emblems etc? thanks
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    Real emblems patch for PES6?

    where can i get a real option file?
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    Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures

    can someone please make the 06/07 leeds kits home: away: goalie...
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    prem kits pack 06/07

    is there a pack with all the new premiership kits for 06/07 season? thanks
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    c06 File Exchange

    anyone got a data update for 06/07 season?
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    If FIFA 2007 had a Classics League/Mode, which teams would you want in the game?

    man utd 68 (best, charlton etc.) man utd 90s (cantona, keane, beckham etc.) leeds 70s (bremner, lorimer, giles etc.)
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    Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures

    new kits for 2006/07 has anyone or could anyone make some of the new premirship kits for next season? i am not bothered about all of them but man u and arsenal would be good. man u dont think the away kit has been released yet arsenal home arsenal gk dont think arsenal away...
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    need help with tottenham

    whats so funny?
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    Your favourite album

    got to be system of a down - toxicity 1 - prison song 2- needles 3 - deer dance 4 - jet pilot 5- x 6 - chop suey 7 - bounce 8 - forest 9 - atwa 10 - science 11 - shimmy 12 - toxicity 13 - psycho 14 - aerials this album totally rules
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    need help with tottenham

    zlatan can you upload the tactic for me please?
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    maybe its cos ur **** at penalties
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    need help with tottenham

    i am playing as tottenham but i need help with: which players to buy and how much for which players to sell and how much for which tactics to use what team should i pick with those tactics i am using v6.0.3 and i have updated the database as of 11/06/06. any help will be appreciated...
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    Official Transfers (2006-2007)

    No way! this must be fake
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    Face Tutorial is here

    This happens for me too. How did you set it to allow the redirect? Please help because this tutorial sounds really good and I want to be able to get it.
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    face tutorial

    ok thanks
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    Who help me to make a patch for make UCL 0506?

    is this patch still going to be made? if you need a roster editor, i'll be happy to help
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    Importing music?

    i have this installed for my fifa 06 and itworks for that. will it also work for world cup 06 and if so how do i change the game i am using it for?
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    putting off penalty taker

    so can you shock the other players controller on pc?