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    EURO Premier League

    Late 2017. Parallel (not so much) universe. EURO PREMIER LEAGUE is ready. The Football Association have decided to open his doors to club from outside England in order to have more moneys from TVs. All the big club and the strongest moved into that, replacing the old english club trasforming...
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    Gameplayzed Save Squads

    Hi, i'm working on a save squads where I've improved player values in order to enhance the gameplay. Link beta 1: Link beta 2: Link beta 3...
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    Fifaccitiu's Mods Thread

    Gameplayzer & Gameplayzed dbs Status: Friends close beta testing - 98% Superleague 16 Status: 1%
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    FIFA 16 Editing Discussion Thread (Please Read Before Creating A Thread)

    Hi,in this thread i will write about the secrets of fifa editing, formats of the files, traits and player styles codes and so on.
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    [WIP] Superleague 15

    SL is a patch that replace British Leagues with a league made with the best teams of the game. It use a british league system so it is composed out of 4 leagues, the first one with 20 teams, and the last three with 24 teams. There are 3 cups in this patch. The first one, that replace champions...
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    Player Instruction Codes

    Player instruction codes, they work as the other traits method.
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    Gameplayzer '15

    STATUS GAMEPLAYZER 15 & 14 DOWNLOAD INSTALL Copy the files/folder in FIFA 14 or FIFA 15 main folder where the exe is placed (\Origin Games\FIFA 14 or \Origin Games\FIFA 15). Then open gameplyzer14 if you have FIFA 14 or open gameplyzer15arcade if you want to gameplayze normally or open...
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    FIFA 15 Player Instruction

    I'm going to decode the new traits of player instruction and i need your help. Can you write here the instruction for the starting 11 of Napoli or another team? I can't run the game for now, but i can check files and some research about it. At now there are 26 player instruction and it can...
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    World Premier League 14 - 1.0 Beta

    WORLD PREMIER LEAGUE 2014 PATCH - An idea by Credits: File loader by Jenkey1002 DbMaster and FileMaster by Rinaldo Link: Install notes: copy the unpacked files into game directory ( "FIFA 14\Game\" ) 2014. Sky sports and the...
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    Football Manager To FIFA 14

    What do you think about this possibility?
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    [DISCOVERY] Edit Gameplay Outside DB

    I've looked inside these files in data0.big: -data/attribgameplay/gameplayattribdb.big it contains 3 files: -attribdb.vlt -attribdb.bin and a text file gameplayattribdbversion.txt -data/attribdb2.vlt -data/attribdb2.bin Those files seemes to correlate every player stats in db with the...
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    Team Traits Decoded

    Traits in team table: Investigating the exe i've found the meaning of team traits, here is the code and the name. 512 - SHORT OUT BACK 256 - MORE ATTACKING AT HOME 128 - KEEP UP PRESSURE 064 - DEFEND THE LEAD 032 - CENTER BACKS SPLIT 016 - SWITCH WINGERS 008 - CONSISTENT LINEUP 004 - SQUAD...
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    [MOD] Gameplayzer '14

    Enjoy the new gameplayzer: Unpack the zip file on your desktop, take the fifa_ng_db.db from your fifa dir, copy on your desktop and rename to fifa_ng_db_original.db. Open the gameplayzer, you have 3 button: from the left, click "open the matrix file" button...
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    Fifaccitiu Super League Patch

    FIFACCITIU SUPERLEAGUE PATCH version 0.79 - Need Modding Way patch 1.9.1!!!! Features: SuperLeague overwrites English Premier League and subdivisions Top club over around the world will play in it. Career files reworked Gameplayzed DB v3 Missing: New Graphics please as logos,balls and...
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    Style Gameplay by Fifaccitiu (With Winter Transfers)

    Style Gameplay 3.5 by (27/08/2013) Read carefully: MODDINGWAY patch 1.9.9 users: Download the patched file from here: Soon File contents: **** Usage: Unzip the archive Copy the files in FIFA 13\Game\data\db and overwrite it. After that the gameplay is automatically applied...
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    2GK Templates (Adboard, Ball, etc )

    1) 2gk Adboard template (1024x2048) 2) 2gk Pitch Color textures (1024x1024): 3) 2gk Kit textures (2048x2048)
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    FIFA Premier League

    Soon... 20 teams from the FIFA world, a splendid career mode, a new graphics...
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    Is Anyone Interested In FIFA 13 With Football Manager Attributes ?

    Is anyone interested in FIFA 13 with Football Manager 12 (last update) attributes? I'm working on a convertor... but i need some sort of help, i'll tell you later. Version 0.2 Converted from Football Manager: Serie A TIM 100% EPL 20% Liga BBVA 20% Bundesliga 10% The players that...
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    Nike Maxim (some help)

    Here the texture of NIke Maxim that I've done. Uploaded with Use Nike T90 Tracer 3D model. I don't have time to make recolour for Serie A,Liga ,Premier and so on.. so masters (like Darxx and other) if you want to use my texture to do this... you are welcome :D
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    Fifaccitiu World Tournament 12

    Fifaccitiu World Tournament is like a Superleague with nearly all the teams of the original game, plus 24 adds like TP Mazembe , Estudiantes, APOEL, Steaua,Besiktas, Fenerabhace, Shaktar,Partizan, Penarol Montevideo and others :D Features a unique scoreboards , popups, referee kits, adboard...