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    ajdo16's Faces

    How about Origi and Lanzini?
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    Alex's Faces

    One of the best facemaker from Cluj!
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    Alex's Faces

    +2 please.
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    Alex's Stadiums

    CFR Cluj' stadium is already imported in game Sorin. Don't be child. Good luck Alex!
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    FIFA 16 Textures

    Can you post the db?
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    Alex's Stadiums

    Good luck. Cant wait for it!
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    How about Olimpia Cluj? Its the champion of Romanian League.
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    Reassigning A Stadium To Another ID

    Yes. You have to enter in the notepad and change the id.
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    Reassigning A Stadium To Another ID

    Hi. Have you entered in glares notepad and changed id from there too?
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    Twich's Stadiums

    How about stadium from Verona? Chievo and Hellas are playing togheter on it. Good luck with your projects, my friend!
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    FIFA 15 3D Model Importer/Exporter

    Up here. Same error.
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    2014-15 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Where is the Beta 4 version, resolve Career problem? :D
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    The Every League Project

    Mrliioadin, don't be upset. I told you what I saw. Players from EA Database downgraded a lot. I imported just Chinese League and I saw the problem with potential.
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    The Every League Project

    But some of them aren't realistically. Some players has potential smaller than the ovr.. And a lot of good players are 50-60.. I hope I'll make everything good enough and I'll not destroy this beautifull work. PS: Congrats for your child! God bless you!
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    The Every League Project

    I read what he wrote a few post ago, but when a few guys tell you that you can change smthg to look better, you can listen their opinion. Anyway, mrliioadin is making a very good thing and I'm free to change OVRs in CM. It was just a small sugestion and I gave him an example to show him that he...
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    The Every League Project

    I didn't talk with you, boss. I think you'd better stay away and don't talk to me like this.
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    The Every League Project

    Ok, thank you very much. I think you have to reorganize your stats for some players. For exemple, Paulinho has 55 in you cmp., bun EA give him 80. The difference is too much.. And many other examples. The OVRs much be bigger.
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    The Every League Project

    Thanks my friend. Could you send me the kits and the logos, please? For Japan League and Chinese League?
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    Czech League Patch 15

    hello, Celtian. Could you post the leagues in cmp.? I think is interesting what are you doing and I congrats you. Good luck!