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    Alan Wake

    Surprised it's not here already. Alan Wake is a game by Remedy, the people who made Max Payne, and it's a "psychological thriller" that's set in a huge (and beautifully rendered) town. It looks to be an amazing next-gen game - the graphics, rendering, physics and lighting look absolutely...
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    The Settlers 2 3D

    Don't know how many have heard the news, but BlueByte are re-releasing the classic "The Settlers II" in 3D - but the good news is that they've left the dynamics and engine of the game exactly the same as the original. The Settlers II was a fantastic game - great graphics for it's age, and the...
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    FIFA Manager 06 Official Thread

    Can we keep all things '06 in here. Links: Gamespot Screenshots Gamespot First Impressions TCM2006 Developer Questions #1 - UI, Transfer Market, Liscenses, Changing Tactics TCM2006 Developer Questions #2 - Editor, Demo, Dutch National Team, Database Improvements TCM2006 Developer...
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    Speeding up saving on FM2005?

    Hey all Saving is getting a bit slow at the moment. Not a problem with the PC (3000+ Athlon 64, 1gb RAM, 6600GT, 160gb Seagate SATA) but its just the sheer amount to save - my game is 300mb. I remember on CM4/CM0304 you could delete the match.pkm files to make saving a lot quicker - can I do...
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    Chinese lad sues mother for not buying him a PC Owned his mum (H)
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    If it's in the game . . .?

    Just got an email from SI: "Hi David Did you ever dream of putting on the shirt of your favourite football team? Have you ever thought about going into the world of virtual coaching? Well, today just might be your lucky day! Following on from your entry in our Football Manager 2005...
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    Critical Windows XP Patch

    From Microsoft: So there you have it. You should really install this given the affected software. Download from here:
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    GTA Parody Video Since GTA: SA comes out soon I thought this vid is appropriate. Class (H)
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    New TCM2005 Forum please!

    Seeing as all the mods and admins ignore the TCM2004 board, can an Admin please create a TCM2005 board and shunt 2004/2003 into an "Older Games" board. Thanks (Y)
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    Computer opinions!

    OK, here is the situation. Here (at my house) we (I) are (am) currently using the following computer: (by "using" I mean "dragging along with") -> PIII 866mhz -> 256mb DDR RAM -> nVidia GeForce 2 MX 32mb -> USB 1.1 port that only works if you plug in the hardware before turning on the comp...
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    Let yourself go anonymously Read some of the posts there, this site combines weirdness and humour all in one, with a bit of life realism. Like Monkey Dust does on the TV (H)
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    SI to release expansion pack to FM Send me my whiskey! :rofl: :fluffy:
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    This is why Quicktime is worth downloading

    If you don't have it, go to Then watch this clip: Ironically this clip, about apple, is for media player: Sorry to the ebaumsworld webmaster for the onslaught...
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    Milan Baros' secret to scoring

    I was just reading this from . . . . " can reveal the secret behind Milan Baros' phenomenal goalscoring form at Euro 2004 - a daily bowl of Kellogs' finest! Baros was bizarrely asked by a US television reporter: "What do you eat for breakfast that makes you...
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    Sending files on MSN Messenger?

    Hey all, I have the problem of being able to receive but not send files. I am using a Netgear router and have opened the MSN ports 6891-6900 (no hacking now please!) and still to no avail. However I'm not sure of the HTTP proxy I'm meant to put in, whether it is the routers IP, my IP or my IP on...
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    Changing backgrounds on CM?

    Well, this is going to sound real stupid. I decided to change the background from the AFC groat you get by default. So I replaced all default.jpg in the data/background folder, took out any other photos I had and now I get no photo. Where the hell do you put the wallpapers? :kader: EDIT...
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    Sorry Mali!!!!

    Djimi Traoré pledges international future to Mali Well, he was never going to be a French superstar with his ability! I hope this means that we can sell him off to Tottenham or Charlton now, I see no point in keeping the lad!
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    Unknown worm on my computer: help!

    Hey all, At the moment, whenever my internet is connected, my computer shuts down almost immediately. For example, if the computer is on and working and we plug the ADSL back in, the computer shuts down. If you attempt to load XP when the internet is connected, after the logon screen the...
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    [CM0304] Andre Hansson - good midfieder for lower leagues

    This guy will cost you £250K, or you can loan him. On my game he has 175 potential but I am not sure whether this is fixed or random. Good mental stats and playing attributes, this screenie is from the first season when I got him to play at Cambridge on loan: (i have to raise £250K to keep him)
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    Daves Cambridge Challenge

    Well, after a while with TCM I have reinstalled CM and patched it to 4.1.5, and installed an update for transfers. I decided to play as Cambridge United in Division 3. Facts about them: - Start off in debt (not by much, only £100K) - Stadium Capacity: 8993 - Transfer Funds: £0 :confused: -...