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    007 Casino Royale

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    Inserting face.

    Can somebody please give me a good. detailed, step by step explanation of how to insert a new face in the game? i got it downloaded but i don't know where in kitserver to insert it. It will be good if you can include some pics also. Thanks!
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    Kit request ! Please!

    Please can somebody do Dynamo Kiev new home and away kits for me ? Home :
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    Can somebody please explain me the best way to defend. Becouse i am so pissed off right now. My ooponent always have atleast 3 players after mine every time and they just take it away in every situation, while mine is somewhere near goal and the opponent always can shoot from far away or beat my...
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    Any "real" players online ?

    I been wondering if there is any real players, the one who got respect for themselves and can take away the button from the teams like Brazil,France,Italy,Argentina,Milan,Real,Chelsea etc. I don't care how many wins you have whatsoever and what kind of pro you consider yourself as long as you...
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    Uefa CL 06-07

    In Fifa 06 online when you click on your statistic they show that they will have Ucl 06-07 game in future. Wow it will be very cool. Hope my team can make it through the group stage so i can enjoy it even more :D And let's hope it will improve like ucl 04-05 did after fifa 05.