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    FIFA 13 Kits by Mason

    My First Kits for FIFA13 Unfortunaly the collar only appears in carreer mode and not in exhibition matches. I've tested the kits with all the eredivisie teams. There shouldn't be any kit clashes with ref and teams. use Revolution mod to assign this to the Eredivisie refs.
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    FIFA 13 Faces by Mason

    FC Twente Facepack 2! Release Date: Nov/18/2012 ----- Feyenoord Facepack! Release Date: Nov/04/2012/ Download link: ----- Graziano pellè - Version 2 Release Date Nov/04/2012/ Download link...
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    EREDIVISIE Faces by Mason

    You can download my faces below These Faces where made for FIFA12 but they also work in FIFA13 Download Link: [hr] Download Link: [hr] Download Link: [hr]...
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    Faces by Mason

    Hi to all, I've been browsing this forum for some months now, and I've downloaded a whole lot of faces and other artwork made by all you talented and committed facemakers. I want to say thanks to you all :)!! I've made some faces and edited some for my own pleasure, but I decided to give...