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    Fifa 10 don't work with windows 10

    I have the same problem with mine on my new computer. Does it create the document folder and then crash?
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    I realized something when looking through the readme for the 2.0 tells you to delete a couple of the files from the loc folder (locale.big etc) before installing, but the 3.0 readme does not. Could that be the issue?
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    where to find a legal digital copy?

    Where can I find a legal digital copy of FIFA 14 for PC?
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    I'll try it later. I re-installed the game (my hardware is a bit on the older side, and overall performance is inconsistent, that might have something to do with it :confused2:) and the vanilla ran fine. How do I test the individual folders?. Also, my copy of the game is a digital copy via...
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    The crazy part is, except for an issue with the Brazilian League in the career mode which rendered it un-playable, the career mode worked and I did not have the crash issues others reported in the 2.0 version. It worked great, and it was really well-balanced. Does anybody have a working 2.0 db...
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    I have re-installed (downloaded game, dropped in files, regenerated files, ran filename fix thingy, installed career compdata) twice, and it crashes at splash page start-up. What am I doing wrong?
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    Do I need to activate the Career Mode compdata every time I start up the game?
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    does the 3.0 require the Revolution Mod?
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    map files

    does anyone have any decent customized map files for FIFA (the ones that are part of the country data and that usually appear on the youth scouting page in career)?
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    I like the additions of New Zealand and Sweden div 2 to the career...any chance for Norway div 2, France div 2, Japan div 2, Denmark div 2, and Italy div 2? Is the Copa Libratadores in the career mode, or just as a special compdata tournament, as in the 2.0?
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    My little creations 10

    does anybody have kits for Desportes (Municipal) Iquique (Chile)?
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    Like it so far, but did experience a crash in career mode in Brazil (Gremio v Iranbura), right when it went into side selection screen. I would, if possible, add some leagues. The second divisions in Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Japan, France, Italy, and top leagues in Chile and China would be...
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    African Leagues Patch '16

    Any chance you may add second divisions in Cameroon and Zambia?
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    FIFA 15 - BHT PREMIJER LIGA MOD 2015/16 v1.0 Full Download

    Mine didn't install at all...and the link for the i68regen is broken
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16

    as a warning, you can't add teams to the Women's National team group, but according to several modders you replace teams. adding teams breaks the women's cup tournament.
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    just as a note...if you add teams to the Women's national team league, it breaks the Women's cup tournament My work around was to add all the women's teams to the rest of the world, which breaks the Career Mode, but does allow you to create custom tournaments with the women's teams
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    2016-17 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    UEFA has 54 affiliated (Liechtenstein only has a Cup) leagues, CONMEBOL has 10, CONCACAF 41, AFC 47, CAF 56, OFC 14. My list for the mod would be (default leagues in bold) UEFA (27 of 54) Austria 1st, 2nd Belgium 1st, 2nd Bulgaria 1st Croatia 1st Czech 1st, 2nd Denmark 1st, 2nd England 1st-4th...
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    any releases coming for the other clubs you previewed (Apollon, Hibernian etc)?
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    2016-17 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    I have a suggestion for a potential combined Leagues & Teams plus 16-17 patch you mentioned earlier cap all leagues with multiple divisions at 2 divisions each (Russia, Thailand etc) drop some of the smaller UEFA leagues (Azerbaijan etc.) combine regionalized tiers into a single...
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    Revolution Mod 16

    I am having problems with crashes in the women's cup...can't tell if it's the Revolution mod or that I added the new Women's International patches (Japan etc)?:\ Crash seems to occur during loading...after I press button that sends you into the little training game before match