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    Atlético Madrid Faces by CarlosMagno

    Hey im back but with few time to work in this matters, so I decided make only Atletico Madrid, and "Other important spanish League faces", if I have extra time. Firtsly be grateful for the people who help me in BBVA League Project: Sepak ,Murilocrs ,DanielM and Verth. (specially for textures...
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    Rare Bugs (Addboards & Backgrounds) with the last FIFA 12 update

    Hey, whats up? I like consult about last FIFA 12 update. Since I updated the latest version of fifa, the one that came at the same time that the DCL (1.04 I think) I have a series of mistakes that I could not fix definitely One of them is black filters funds An example And...
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    I Can't Export/import .cff in blender.Where is it?

    Since the fifa 12 faces converted have been relased I have tried to install Blender with the .cff plugins but I dont know what its wrong but i cant import/export .cff files in blender I install. Blender,phyton, and the scripts for cff
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    ¿Can be posible export the Virtual Pro face with CM?

    Im thinking if is posible see your Virtual Pro in CM you could use to others player Can this be possible somehow?
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    [Delete me]

    Sorry double post delete plis
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    hannover 96 VS Atletico Madrid on IOS

    You Can watch the match in>Telecinco in your IOS device
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    RPL patch by fifachamp, where download? the website link its down

    Anyone know where I can download The RPL patch? in her website by fifachamp the link its down and i like very much Their faces
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    [Proyect][Tex Makers Wellcome] Liga BBVA Faces(Spanish Legue)

    Hi Wellcome all. I'm watching very threads and I saw that few faces of the Spanish League. EA makes so bad because only put faces to Real Madrid and Barça Team, and the Spanish league are at least 5 top teams. But EA don't Worry to create face to them. I'm no facemaker but I Work with...