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    Regional lighting in FIFA19

    Hello! I dont know who to call this, but im sure u guys know what im talking about, for exemple when u play at home with an argentinian team the lighting is very washed out and yellowish compared with when u play with a EPL team for ex. Or when u play CL the lighting is very bluish, Europa...
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    Crowd Lod

    Hi guys, i wonder if anyone knows if its possible to have the game set to High rendering but using the Low rendering settings for crowd? My pc is not good enough to run with high rendering + default camera, so i think that if i could set the crowd to use the low lod settings i would be able to...
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    Night games

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    David Villa Face

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    Different Goalnet Types

    Hello guys, is there a way to make some stadiums use the hexagonal net styles the practice arena uses? I know we can do that by editing the texture inside the bin, but that would change it for all stadiums and i only want a few to have hexagonal nets... I tried editing the DB FHL editor...
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    PC Graphics problem

    Hi guys, im having an issue in my FIFA12 pc, maybe one of u know hwo to solve it... The problem is that when i go to the replays and zoom in a big shadow appears infront of the camera like if it was the shadow of the player in the arena(when ure scrolling the menus). Weird thing is that if...
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    custom tatics in online macthes??

    is it possible to use/make custom tatics for online games? if not, thats bs! that they implement the formation edit ingame, they take this out from the online macthes? i hope i am missing something here and its possible to do it... :ewan:
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    please help, problem with controler confi. classic/new mode

    i have pc version, and i am trieng to set the controller to new mode(so i can use the call second defender opiton.) but after i change and save , when i get back to the controller screnn its back to the classic config. (also ingame it still classic mode) any one knows how to solve this?
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    help, players hair 3d bug.

    hi guys, i notice this bug with some players 3d hai,r has this happen to you? i notice this bug in some players. so far only 3...but i checked their 3d model in 0edit ,and its fine...
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    looking for Newcastle UTD 3rd kit minikits? anyone?

    btw, i did :mrpimp: so if anyone can help me ... thanx!
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    how to import non existant kits in game?(mostly gk kits)

    how can i insert a new kit to the game , like newcastle gk kit or their new 3rd kits? thanx
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    newbie question regairding kits

    hi guys, i am quite new when i comes to fifa editing... anyway can anyone explain me how to insert a kit that is not yet in fifa07? eg. newcastle gk kit? thanx!
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    Portuguese(brazilian) CreationCenter

    Anybody knows when will it be realise? or if there is annyway to make the actual CC work in my brazilian fifa(it isnt possible to change the language) Thanx!
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    Help Please

    Hi. I have a Pentium 4 1.6Ghz 256mb ram and Gforce2 64mb, my fifa is running quite slow(even in the 800x600 16mb resolution). its strange cause it should run fine in this kind of a computer..does anybody have any suggestion of what can i do??? thanx!