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    facegen for FIFA 11

    Hi guys.. Du_oro10 released at first his tool for FIFA 11's faces... I had the links and i had upload it to tokke's thread... Now the links aren't working... If someone has the files FIFA 11-12 Faces from du_oro please upload them... Versions 1.1 or 1.2 and 1.2.1 update...
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    Convert Squad File To Database

    Do you know how i could convert the squad file in Documents to database files in data folder?
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    FIFA Online 3

    Guys last year EA released the FIFA Online 3... FIFA Online 3 is the converted graphics of FIFA 13 to FIFA 11... Last year we took the graphics from FIFA Online 3 and we made a patch for FIFA 11... This year EA released updates on November with converted FIFA 14's graphics for FIFA...
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    Stuttering Problem and Platform.ini

    Hi guys.. I have a little stuttering problem with FIFA 14... I mean when i am playing the ball is not smooth, the players running strange not slow and i have some lags when the balli is on air... I had the same problems with FIFA 12 and FIFA 13... FIFA 11 was running ok when i add rna ini and...
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    FIFA 14 : Platform.ini

    Guys do you know where is platform.ini in FIFA 14? platform and product.ini...
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    Stuttering In Gameplay, Smooth In Training Match

    Guys a friend bought FIFA 13 on PC...And he has a problem with stuttering but he can play smooth the traning match... Replays also run very smooth... Do you know if we could find the graphic and lighting settings that the game using in training match? On his PC the FIFA 11 run very smooth...
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    EURO 2012 patch for FIFA 11

    Euro 2012 patch for FIFA 11 by Link: Thanx to: for database... Brothers Workshop for euro 2012 ball... ««:.:.yEaH:.:.bRoThErS__wOrKsHoP.:.:»» for euro 2012 kits Raul Gonzalez for euro 2012 kits darxxxx for the help with euro 2012...
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    FIFA 12's database with winter transfers It s FIFA 12's database for FIFA 11 with winter transfers... But it needs a lot of work: 1. disable Turkish and Czech leagues and cups from manager mode... 2. add kits and logos for new teams... 3. change the promoted and relegated teams in...
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    Official EA's winter transfers

    My friends do you know where i can find the official EA's winter transfers with correction of double teams? Birmingham etc... Thanx... I found the official transfers but the Birmingham is double and i can't run CM11 to correct the db..
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    Liv_Tyler kits

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    kits patterns

    Guys do you have photoshop patterns for kits?