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    FIFA 14 To FIFA 15 Hair Converter

    Hi there. Hope this tool helps modders to create even better faces. It´s a FIFA 14 to FIFA 15 Hair Converter DOWNLOAD IT How to install -------------- Unpack files to a folder How it works ------------- - Run the program. - Browse for...
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    How To Add New Stadiums With Correct Lighting and Sky

    Hi there. I´ve found a way to add new stadiums and they work 100% without any hack to lua files. I´ve decoded the rendering database. This database includes data related with all stadiums in game. Since new stadiums we add were not in this database they were not rendering properly ( missing...
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    Hair Modding - Situation

    As you can see in the pictures I was able to scale hair and move it. Why is so difficult to reproduce hairs 3D structure ? Well when we talk about heads imagine that we have a map with exact coordinates of every location. So gathering those coordinates and placing them in space we can...
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    FIFA 14 to Cyber Face Converter - Head Converter

    FIFA 14 TO CFC HEAD CONVERTER This tool converts FIFA 14 heads to a format compatible with Cyber Faces Converter by jor1980. DOWNLOAD IT :andrei::andrei::andrei::andrei: Steps 1) Any head that you are going to convert must be...
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    FIFA 13 To 14 Head Converter

    DOWNLOAD IT This tool converts FIFA 13 Heads to FIFA 14 format. Convertion includes eyes movements but not mouth animation. How does it work ? ------------------------ Browse for the FIFA 13 file, click on apply and a file with same name but...
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    [DOWNLOAD] FIFA 14 Big Files Extracted From RAM

    I was able to get big files and database from RAM. 1) FIFA 14 Database Download 2) This big files includes RNA files and others ( not sure if it is 0 or 1 ) Download Use File Explorer by Jenkey to remove...
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    ModdingWay Graphic - Sounds Mods

    Hi guys. Here I´ll be posting many stuff we release in our patch. You are free to use everything in your patches / mods etc. No need to ask permission. Just use it :biggrinx: 1) FIFA 13 HD Background DOWNLOAD IT Here the UEFA CL Background we used...
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    Discovery : Creating Faces With Internal Editor And Assign Them To Players

    Hi guys. I was wondering if we could use the internal editor to create a face and then assing it to a player as we did with other faces ... and it´s possible :) I´ve managed to make the game read an external texture for the In Game Editor. Check it out. Using Ibisivic texture made by...
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    2GK Boots - Double Size Textures

    I was able to increase FIFA 13 boots textures from 256 x 256 to 512 x 512. Check out the screenshot and the difference between the Nike logo in 2GK Boots and default boots. We have already did this for skins and Rob Kenshin already has the template to work with them. If you are interested...
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    FIFA 12 UEFA Euro 2012 DL Update 1.2 Released

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    FIFA 12 3D Editor - Faces

    We have great news for FIFA 12 Face Makers. Soon we will release a tool that it will allow you to edit 3D strcuture of FIFA 12 faces. Developed by jor1980 it will allow you to export heads, edit them with your favourite 3D editor and then import them back to FIFA. :innocent_smile_1:
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    More than one installation of FIFA 11 is possible

    I´ve found the way to have more than one installation of FIFA 11. This means that you would be able to have your FIFA 11 and other patches. Of course this means that you will have to duplicate FIFA 11 Game folder. I´ve managed this by hexaediting both FIFA11.exe and fifaconfig.exe. It...
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    FIFA 11 Demo Skip Front End Mod

    It Removes Front End and the game goes directly into Arena Mode. So you don´t have to wait for Videos and Intro Menus. Enjoy it! How to Install Extract this file to your FIFA 11 Demo Main Folder. FILE = rna.ini goes to Game folder. DOWNLOAD IT...