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    Blatter and Warner (A match made in Heaven)

    So Blatter now discloses that the best placed 3rd teams in the World Cup 2010 play off games will be SEEDED. Not enough that all the "big" European teams were all afforded the luxury of a seeding at the begginning of the qualifiers, but now it looks like some of FIFA's best money spinning...
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    Roy Keane walks out on Sunderland Just in time to NOT be in charge this weekend when Sunderland play Manchester United. 80 million spent on players and still they sit in the bottom three of the EPL.
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    The Politics Of Envy

    At the time that Michel Platini declared his interest in heading UEFA, we predicted that Platini (Blatters arse licker), would be installed as President of UEFA simply because Blatter wanted it to be so. We were already aware of Blatter's and Platini's resentment of the success of English...
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    Up To Date Kits

    Remember that '05 kits are compatible with Fifa 2004, so if you want up to date kits for your game, come along to my kit thread in the Fifa 2005 kit forum and download all the latest kits. Requests are welcome too you lucky people(Y)
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    Platini and Blatter. The conscience of European Football.

    Suddenly Blatter's lapdog Platini has a masterplan to halt British club's dominance in Europe. It didn't matter when the Italians dominated, or any other European country, but we can't have the English, and to a lesser degree the Scottish clubs becoming dominant once again in European...
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    Morgan Anderson guilty as charged

    Morgan Anderson the ex-Lyn Oslo manager, who was accused by Chelsea, Mikel Obi and his agent John ****tu, of forging Obi's contract at 18 years old, therefore making his sale of Obi to Man U illegal, has been found guilty as charged. The documents were clearly and quite badly forged according...
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    Big Sam Is Gone

    Sam Allardyce leaves Newcastle United
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    UEFA brand Liverpool fans,"The worst fans in Europe" A small minority once again blacken the name of another English club...
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    Is death an acceptable risk for being a GK?

    I've been reading today, a lot of media reports in the aftermath of the Reading "game". What has been interesting is to see who believes that protection for GK's needs to be adressed, and who doesnt think any more protection is needed. You get old farts like Bob Wilson and some long forgotton...
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    PEDE 54's KIT THREAD (Episode 1)

    Well, I have at least given this format a try. I like the fact that there are no captains sleeves and the front and back are of a decent size. Why the socks are so damn big I don't know. Anyway I had to make the kits from scratch again which took a while. To be honest I dont know whether I can...
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    Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict

    New thread for new kits. Sheffield United home 06/07 away
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    Its official...Mclaren's got the job Like it or not, there it is. So lets get behind the bloke and hope to God he is up to it.
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    Breamster is back

    Breamster is back. At the moment the Forums and downloads are up and running. The rest will follow soon. Makeover in progress. See ya there.
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    Fifa announce further measures to oust racism from football

    Everyone must be aware by now of the ammendments made to article 55 of the Fifa disciplinary code, brought in to stem the tide of racist fans. Clubs will be docked 3 points for a first offence of that clubs fans behaving in a racist manner. A second offence will result in a 6 point...
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    Lower leagues kit shop

    i thought a new thread was due for the new kits for this coming season Leciester City 05/06 Home away
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    Generic GK kits

    This thread is for Generic GK kits for the game.....i thought it would be a good idea to put them all in one place............. :) KITMAKERS......feel free to post your generic gk kits :ewan: Adidas
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    Pede 54's Kit Thread III......The Saga Continues...

    Hi all.....i'll start this one off with kits from the Austrian Fifa Addon Patch(AFA).......... Rapid Vienna home away GK
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    Spanish media and football association should be ashamed(but they dont care)

    A report from Reuters concerning the total lack of reporting of the Racist chanting by the Spanish NT "fans"during two "Friendly" games played on Nov 17 and Nov 18............... Spain gloss over racist chants MADRID, Nov 18 (Reuters) - Spanish media and football authorities glossed...
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    Pede 54's New 2gk Kit Thread

    New thread ......old one too big.............. David...........Lavante U.D. home.........if you want the away kit i need some pics of it man..........
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    Cwailok......kit Thief

    first he posts an 1860 kit that he says took him 5 hours..........maybe 5 hours searching for it because its one of Blacksheeps kits .............then the idiot posts Hagi's 2003 Man U GK kit..........what is it with these people..........most of us remember all the kits we see here .....i knew...