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    Those are absolutely stunning, pal. Thank you!
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    Which DB should I edit?

    Oh God I'm stupid, I keep forgetting about that. All fine now (as you can see Juve's away kit has collar 0 now instead of the default which was 7): I "only" need to change all the colours and maybe, if I can, the number assignments so Serie A numbers get loaded. Then rinse and repeat...
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    Which DB should I edit?

    Hello everyone, noob question here. I've been editing FIFA for years in the Impact Engine/Ignite era and it's the first time I try and edit a Frostbite game (I'm trying to add real names/crests/kits to Serie A teams, nothing more). I got everything set up (FIFA Editor Tool, FIFA Mod Manager)...
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    NIKE Dri-FitADV 21-22 Template (for Kitmakers)

    Wow this is insane. Great job pal!
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    EEP 20

    Don't worry! I know it's me who's strange, but I prefer FIFA 20 to FIFA 21 (which I also own) and I always tend to play the "original season" with a game, no matter how old it is. This may be a suggestion for the future, if you don't mind (as I often seem to struggle the same way with PES): I...
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    EEP 20

    Hi everyone! I need a little help with installing this mod again for FIFA 20... The 2.2 version of the mod works a charm, but I wouldn't really want to have 20/21 kits and rosters on a 19/20 game (hope you understand). :bwtf: So, as I'm looking for a 19/20 patch, I thought I'd go for either the...
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    Wow, they're just impressive. Nothing less than impressive. Thank you!
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    FIFA 21 Kit Creator

    This is a wonderful tool. Thank you man!
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    OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity X Moddingway FIFA 14 (HBZ Mod 20/21 Season)

    Classy reply man... Hats off. Once again, please everybody stay safe and I hope that everyone gets well soon. That's really all important.
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    OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity X Moddingway FIFA 14 (HBZ Mod 20/21 Season)

    Spot on, mate. I mean, we definitely can't say Harry didn't show dedication to this game... Heck, he had his laptop stolen last year and he still managed to go on with the modding despite restarting from an older build (as far as I remember, at least), who else would've done that? Take care...
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    FIFA 21 Conversions (DB, Kits, ect.)

    Unfortunately when it comes to graphics and how they treat the licensed teams, I must say you're spot on. Licensed teams and leagues aren't really taken care of in PES (Serie A which is an officially licensed league has something like... Two stadiums? Not even a licensed scoreboard, on top of...
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    Great. Just great! I've not been playing FIFA for a long time now but these kits are wonderful just to look at.
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    Worldwide Football (Road to Euro 2020/Euro2020/Copa America 2020/Road To Qatar 2020)

    This sounds pretty good. Thank you pal, much appreciated! Downloading now :)
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    No need to ask, this is f'n awesome!
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    FIFA 21 discussion thread

    No next gen is something that can be understood. I mean, no way they'd release a next-gen game for PC way before the next-gen console versions hit the shelves, it wouldn't be wise commercially IMO. So, they'd be left with two ways (well, three to be honest): The FIFA 14 route: release an...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)

    Are you sure it isn't made on purpose? Many "user-made" fonts lack those accented letters so they'd result in strange characters... If it's done on purpose, I find this a clever way to "compromise" between having new fonts and making sure there's no missing letters here and there. I know that...
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    ale85bg's stolen (?) kits

    Sorry pal, @V.K is right there: it's collar 3 for keepers and collar 7 for outfield players. I might aswell change that line from now on, to avoid confusion. :)
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    FIFA career mode scenarios

    I was thinking about starting a career with Malaga with some limitations to "simulate" their dire financial situation, something like... Malaga can't buy players for a year or two (it's still possible to rely on loans or to sign free agents), Scouts (both senior team and youth team ones) can't...
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    ale85bg's stolen (?) kits

    It's time for a little present to a friend. I won't be adding this post to the thread index, as it has little-to-no to do with the topic but... Hey, I made these so I thought I would share them anyway if anyone is interested. RUSSIA 2006 "TRANSPARENT" LOGO AND BUMPS (common to...
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    Can I use the FIFA 16 creation master for any fifa?

    I don't think so. I tried using CM14 for FIFA 13 for example: it seems to load everything just fine but it gives errors when changing player appearance (probably some faces/hair in FIFA 13 are out of the FIFA 14 bounds, I don't know) and most of all it crashes while saving. As far as I know...