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  1. Roberto001

    Roberto001 kits

    My first kit. Hellas Verona home 21/22 minikit
  2. Roberto001

    Animated adboards import

    Hi friends! how to be simple imported animated adboards? :) Thanks
  3. Roberto001

    Fifa15 add chants

    Hi all. Please help. How add custom chants? Thx
  4. Roberto001

    Fifa16 crack

    Hi. Please fifa16 crack file....missing
  5. Roberto001

    No crowd team_x.lua

    Please help. I want to play withoutcrowd but even though the file is still there, there are still crowds.
  6. Roberto001

    Moddingway Kit Overlay add

    Hi all. Please how add kit overlay folder in sceneassets? Thank you
  7. Roberto001

    Please help

  8. Roberto001

    CM14 problem

    Hi. Please help. This problem the Moddingway installing after. More moddingway version download.
  9. Roberto001

    CM14 problem

    Updating last transfers. Open Cm14 and open face this is error.
  10. Roberto001

    Player gloves

    Hi. how to use the player gloves so that they do not just snow?
  11. Roberto001

    Player gloves

    Hi. how to get the gloves is not only used for snow?
  12. Roberto001

    FIFA 16 Playing

    Hi all. I want to play FIFA 16. What video card should I buy? Currently Radeon HD6450 2GB DDR3. :) Thank you my config Windows 7 64bit Intel Celeron CPU G1620 2.70GHZ 5GB RAM
  13. Roberto001

    Keyboard Problem

    Hi. Please help me. ESC is not detected before the start of the match :(
  14. Roberto001

    Roberto's Problems

    Hi. Please help me. Why do not you show the pictures and face?
  15. Roberto001

    Help Me

  16. Roberto001

    Help me

    my windows 7 SP1 64 and this is problem .net framework 4 installed directX 11 installed
  17. Roberto001

    Roberto001's Super Adboards

    Frosinone FC Adboard
  18. Roberto001


    Hi friends. How recovered original team banners in stadium? Thanks :)
  19. Roberto001

    Goal Celebrations

    Hi. One question. Is it possible to somehow set up a separate player has five special goal celebrations? Thanks
  20. Roberto001

    Creation Master Problem

    Please help