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  1. herbert

    Controller input lag - your experience? Workarounds?

    The problem is not new. I think most of us have run into this. If it's got you, then you experience things like these: Short passes are too soft. Most likely due to too little button input. Players use the 'Stretched first-touch' animation for balls that are 100% placed at their feet. Players...
  2. herbert

    What determines which national teams you can take over in your first season?

    In most of my careers I get proposals from teams like Venezuela, Peru, Serbia, Bulgaria, South Korea etc. It seems like more attractive teams get available only in subsequent seasons. What is the decisive factor for this choice? Is it international reputation? Or the team strength? Or...
  3. herbert

    How do World Cups work?

    This has been a constant mystery to me. In a career I would like "my" team to qualify for the world cup. But if I don't have a chance to play the qualification then this seems to be pure luck. Is there any way to increase my chances for luck? It seems like the world cup is configured somewhere...
  4. herbert

    Commentary name: the Juan Mata mystery

    I am trying to map Juan Mata's commentary name to another player using DBMaster. The funny thing is that "Mata" isn't in the commentarynames table. When I go through Juan Mata's names (first name, last name, common name), there's only "Mata Garcia" with a commentary ID, but that's not the one...
  5. herbert

    How can I edit the qualified teams for the world cup?

    I am playing a patched version of Fifa 14 in which a career starts in the season 2017/2018. In Summer 2018 the world cup starts, and of course qualification has been finished. I would like to put "my" national team into the list of qualified teams, so that it can participate in the world cup...
  6. herbert

    Early or late bloomer: where is this stored?

    Having played many career modes in Fifa 14 now and having observed how particular players grow it looks like some players have a “built-in” growth curve. For instance, Ward-Prowse (Southampton) will always start growing very late, same for Luke Shaw. Other players, like Diego Fagundez grow...
  7. herbert

    How to deal with increasing slowness and error rates in game

    I have had the same problem for ages (I'm playing Fifa 14): players starting to move and react to my moves on the controller slowly, extremely high rate of passes going wrong, and so on. It usually starts getting worse the longer I am playing. First I thought it was a performance problem...
  8. herbert

    Do you know the “grease” in Fifa 14?

    This has been getting me mad for long. I thought I could fix it by buying a faster machine. Now I have one, still the problem is there. It is the following: From time, in particular when having played for long, with higher probability when there is rain, the game gets into this...
  9. herbert

    Any Way To Skip National Squad Selection In Career Mode?

    In a career i also manage a national team. Therefore before national team matches I am asked to select players for my national team. Unfortunately I am now at a point that the game always crashes back to the desktop when trying to enter the squad selection screen (I'm playing a league from a...
  10. herbert

    Fifa 14 file loader and CM14?

    I am trying to edit a patch that was created using Jenkey1002's Fifa 14 file loader. As I found out everything that is related to the patch is now under Games\Fifa14mod, so I can load the files of interest (db and language files) from there. However of course now all the graphical stuff, like...
  11. herbert

    Internal Master 12 No Longer Starts On Windows 8.1

    After upgrading Windows I cannot start Internal Master 12 anymore, it just dies before I see any window. Anyone got an idea what to do?
  12. herbert

    Career Mode: Persistent Crashes To Desktop

    It seems to me like if in career mode, if you have too much talent (i.e. potential) in your team, you get a problem with the game. I was playing my favourite team with some players' abilities (most of all: potential) increased using CM14, because I like the prospect of my favourite players...
  13. herbert

    Career Mode: How Does It Work In FIFA 14?

    I've been trying to find out which factors really affect player growth in Fifa 2014. There does not seem to be a lot of information in the net, and some of it is actually contradicting. First of all let's look at the speed of growth.I play Southampton using 'current customized squads'. At...
  14. herbert

    Only One Career ?

    This may be a stupid question, I just bought the game, and I don't find an option to create a second career once I've started one. Is there really no such option?
  15. herbert

    Ukrainian league patch - any news?

    I am still eagerly waiting for a UPL patch which works on my (German) Fifa 12. I've seen that there's a transfer update on, but this is most likely not going to work for me, as the original patch did not. Is anybody working on this problem? Or am I the only non-Ukrainian who...
  16. herbert

    Cannot change commentary language

    After a reinstall of Fifa 12 I now cannot change the commentary language. Actually, I currently have no language at all - I've set the game to English as I always do, and in the settings the commentary language is set to German and greyed out, so that I cannot change it. Any idea what I can...
  17. herbert

    Ukrainian Premier League patch on

    I just googled a bit and found a Ukrainian Premier League patch for Fifa 12 on this site: (or originally: I'm currently downloading the...
  18. herbert

    Having played for 9 months now: my top 10 annoyances

    I have had every single version of Fifa since 1996. And it is still the only game I play on computers. Fifa 11 has introduced a lot of nice features, so even if there's a list of annoyances coming here, I don't think it's all bad. But having played the game now since the moment it came out, I've...
  19. herbert

    How do I edit a team's initial salary limit?

    I can edit the transfer limit just fine in DBM 11. But where can I set the initial salary limit?
  20. herbert

    player commentary names

    Having played around with DB Master 11 I found that there is a table 'playercommentarynames'. I checked some of the entries and it seems like these are just the names which are "known" by the commentator. As in Fifa 10 the player commentary names depended on the language of the commentator I...