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    Dragan T

    no andes agarrandooo la gran vara HIJUJELACIENMILPUTASSS ME CAGO EN TU PUTA MADRE COCHON DE MIERDA :sKIp_E: y que jue y que jue y que jue y que jue dragan t is a sad person yep gay yep im homophobic yep i dont have anything better to do yep ******* gay ass piece of **** dragan t
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    Seriously you've gotta be the gayest member here.. you still seem to check this forum constantly, you think you're the **** always trying to act like you're the voice of reason... honestly, you need to chill. who gives a ****, it's a freakin internet forum!! People here always seemed to be...
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    (Hello) Llame pa' verte (W con Yandel) Tu quieres conocerme y yo conocerte (Pal mundo un millon de copias obligao) Llame pa' verte... (El arma secreta Nelly) Tu quieres conocerme y yo conocerte (Oye esto es pal mundo) Eh eh... (El Dream Team) :sKIp_E:
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    International Affairs

    Education was not for all, nor was public health. Obviously you can't blame everything on the British, but they did have a great amount of responsibility, they basically played Muslims and Hindus against each other: divide and rule.
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    Question on laws, bills, government power, etc. in the US

    Right now that's the dilemma I have. I'm not sure if the bill would have to clear two committee's, I know that a similar bill* was passed in the Senate in 2007 (which Bush vetoed) and after it cleared the Senate, in the House it was sent to the House Committee on Energy & Commerce (they deal...
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    Question on laws, bills, government power, etc. in the US

    Thanks alot man. And yea, I realized that this proposal would never go through with Bush in power, so I was thinking on making it like a proposal for the future president of the US. Although obviously, this might already be in Hillary's/McCain's/Obama's agenda, yet the paper doesn't have to...
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    Question on laws, bills, government power, etc. in the US

    First of all thanks for your help. Now that I'm getting more into the whole issue, I got to know how the whole federal spending process will be like for this specific issue, supposing it actually occured [federal funding for embryonic stem cell research]. I understand there are different...
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    Question on laws, bills, government power, etc. in the US

    I'm doing this big project on embryonic stem cell research, but I have some questions on the whole legal part of it. In 2001 Bush ordered an executive order which said no federal funds would be allocated for stem cell research that resulted in the death of an embryo. Therefore, federally...
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    Presidential Elections

    Liberalism in a libertarian sense has some good points, but its bad points are way too bad to even consider this form of liberalism viable. Has anyone actually read the McCain's/Obama's/Hillary's foreign policy essays in Foreign Affairs Magazine that came out last June/July? I feel that if...
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    The Moment of Truth: Republican Primary

    I didn't answer directly, because I thought you were being sarcastic at first, I've always thought ***uyama's "End of History" thesis because capitalism allegedly "won" was pretty well-known.
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    Things you Learned in SG

    I've actually learned alot of stuff in SG, mostly random stuff. Like many other ppl my english improved alot since I first came to SG. I also learned what St. Johnstone is, the fact that there are more gypsies in Bulgaria than Romania, that you call Manchester United, United, and not ManU, the...
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    Well I don't really smoke cigarettes, I smoke hash/weed every now and then with my friends, but occassionally I do smoke cigarettes when I'm wasted from time to time. Smoking cigarettes does make you look cool, I mean it adds to the ''bad-ass'' look, but then for girls I obviously prefer a...
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    Best (non computer) football game?

    Interesting thread. For me my favourite was a game my grandpa showed me, it's called 'futbol de botones' (button football, played with actual buttons), I've heard it was really popular in post-war Spain as well as in some South American countries.
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    i mean, what are the odds!?

    so people actually know how to play poker in Necaragua? jojo (H)
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    Is Messi the next?!!......

    We'll have to see how those growth hormones affect him in the future..
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    Fear and Loathing in Thailand

    Seriously, I was quite entertained :$
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    any info on De Mul? Is he similar to some well-known player?
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    African Cup Of Nations (H)

    so are Uganda an extremely ****ty team? What's their situation? ...sorry for going a bit offtopic hehe
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    The Sexies With Other Nationalitys

    haha I thought the same thing (only filipinas though) when I went to the US.. I think it depends what filipinas from the Philipines you're actually looking at.. cause usually if they're not middle/upper class they're ugly.