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  1. lth19951021

    Face Mods by 852-LTH

    I'm back to FIFA modding! My mods will not be free but you won't see my works on patreon or buymeacoffee, as many modders do nowadays. What I need from you are your knowledge of modding, suggestion of base models and good head portraits. Grealish is my first work for FIFA 22 as a warm-up to...
  2. lth19951021

    Any tutorial of creating face mod for FIFA 22?

    Hey guys! I was a face modder back in FIFA 16. I am planning to create face mod for FIFA again because the FIFA Editor Tool and FIFA Mod Manager are available now. As I stopped...
  3. lth19951021

    LTH's Graphics

    Hey guys, I am back!:cb: beIN Sports 1 HD Sky Sports 1 HD You need to install FIFA 16 TV Logo Changer by master MonkeyDragon. Then you can put my logos into the "TV Logo" folder and use the tool to import my logos. BPL Winter Player Gloves Pack I have already finished 12...
  4. lth19951021

    LTH's Faces

    I might not be active in making faces. Let's see what I can do.:p
  5. lth19951021

    lth19951021's Graphics

    Winter Player Gloves New model (The gloves are over long sleeve and underarm jerseys) Arsenal FC Chelsea FC FC Bayern München Manchester City & Manchester United I haven't finished Real Madrid CF winter player gloves texture yet. Here are some in-game screenshots in my face thread...
  6. lth19951021

    lth19951021's Faces

    I am back!:-D As usual, I am not a productive facemaker. So, please don't hurry me and request for faces. I will try more unmade faces this year but I still do hair updates. Most importantly, I only do it when I am on vacation. First face after some hours getting familiar with the tools...
  7. lth19951021

    LTH's FIFA 14 Faces

  8. lth19951021

    LTH's FIFA 13 Faces

    The download archive thread was closed so I create my own thread to share my works. I only update textures, models and fit the hair from existing works in this forum. All the materials are based on the original facemakers.
  9. lth19951021

    Hair Problem In FIFA13

    In CM12 preview is good In FIFA13 is bad any ways to fix it, lots of players with long hair will suffer this:-(
  10. lth19951021

    FIFA 13 EASFC Unlockable?

    Any chance to unlock all the items in EAS FC? Most of the shoes are hidden now, it is inconvenient to assign shoes to players in Revolution Mod by IDs as we dun hv any tool like CM12:-( If we unlock any the items, we will be able to assign shoes in career mode by ingame menu
  11. lth19951021

    Any Ways To Assign Boots In CM?

    Any ways to assign boot in CM? Finding players' IDs and shoes' IDs for the revolution mod are so time-wasting :-(
  12. lth19951021

    Hair problem of changing generic face to specific face

    I use default head model,hair model,hair texture but specific face texture I have already replace the grey/silver texture with a colored one Seeking for help!
  13. lth19951021

    CM12 Beta 2 Problem!

    After the first time I saved my editing,I cant save anymore and it becomes no response when I click save. Help!
  14. lth19951021

    FIFA 12 i68Regenerator 2.1.1 error

    An error appears when I open the tool seeking for help thanks