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  1. PESSuperStar

    Looking for players in north america to play We8/Pes4 for PC

    I still think is the best or one of the best soccer games ever made for the computer or console! along with winning eleven 2002 for psx the gameplay was just awesome. Also PESlauncher needs to be resurrected cause that's where we can meet more often like in 2014. I'm looking for people all over...
  2. PESSuperStar

    I'm going to post some of my gols here too for your pleasure

    they'll be on youtube... expect it soon... they're on we8 tough. (6)
  3. PESSuperStar

    Can't join the host on winning eleven 8!!!

    I know the typical problem for people is that they can't host but not that they can't join??? I can host...but can not join the games... I don't know what is the reason I bet you know the solution... please tell me... I know is the router not my pc.
  4. PESSuperStar

    Looking for American PES/WE fans to make a competition.

    I live in the states, I heard that cometing in the competition against people from europa or too far will make the game unfair for the guest, so I have an idea, let's all americans here join together to plan our own Competition with millionaries prizes, Anyone interested in chatting with a PES...
  5. PESSuperStar

    Winning Eleven 7 for PC facts.

    Since this is the american version of PES, do you know if this game has american commentators too?
  6. PESSuperStar

    why playing FIFA if we have Winning Eleven!?

    This forum should be completely empty, I don't know what you find in fifa that you won't in WE.