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    Tight kits

    Kits usually look like this: But this season teams have tighter kits: That's what i want now. Is there a way to change the .rx3 file of the kit? If yes how? I know it's a bad question but with this Fifa would be much realer. Thanks in advance
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    sprint, etc.

    why there isnt the option to change the keys for something like sprint(LT) or what is for spring? i really dont know how to change that. in fifa 11 you had the option to change it
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    Fifa 11 files

    I have a folder full of FIfa 11 stuff; -over 200 faces and minifaces -over 100 kits and pants -over 100 boots -... what should i do with them? should i delete or should i let it? cause we dont know if it ill be usefull for fifa 12
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    Soccer Gaming Team

    Because Duong had that idea for Fifa 08 and 10 with a team from the most Soccer Gaming members. We wanted to make it for Fifa 11 but it was a big flop. So sahib said to make it for Fifa 12 more proffesional. Now i wanted to start it earlyer, much earlyer! So, I dont want to make a thread with...
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    Chill out as Ace is here ;D Fifa Tuning

    Hello mates. Waiting for Fifa 12 and CM 12 ;D i'll start doing textures and minifaces, later maybe faces:!
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    2 minutes half time

    i'd like to know where you can change it that you can play 2 mnutes a half time. i know there is no fun when your playing little time but i want it. so please just help me i've got the File manager 11
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    Player Growing

    There's a problem in fifa 11. Player wich are in your team grow faster. I know someone has fixed it. I think it was Regularcat. He fixed that and that clubs are more active in the transfer window. I already searched the mod forum and everywhere but i cant find it. Is anybody so friendly and...
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    Ace4Alcantara minifaces REQUESTS

    waiting for requests!!!!!!!!!!!!