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    2014 FIFA World Cup Logo

    Well, the 2014 FIFA World Cup logo has been unveiled today. It's abysmal.
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    Only in Brazil! HA!

    There's no fire on our torch at the Pan-Am games! It's gone! Man, we're such a joke. (H)
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    U-20 South American Tournament

    It started last Sunday. This tournament is used as the qualifier for both the U-20 World Cup that is going to be placed in Canada and the Olympics, so it should be very interesting. 10 national teams are trying their luck on the tournament, divided in 2 groups of 5, here they are: Group A...
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    This weekend's European football goals

    Superliga - Ligue 1 - Bundesliga - Serie A - La Liga - Premier League -...
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    Liverpool/Milan sig

    Could someone make me one? Feel free to experiment and create. Thanks.
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    Username change

    Can someone change it from Grunger to Andy? Thanks.
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    Need glasses? :ewan:
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    Simply Amazing.

    Watch it.
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    Attendance in Master League

    It's just screwed up. The stadiums are never filled (ok, i'm 5th, but still), regardless of my team playing home or away. Against crap sides or teams like Lazio, the attendances are mediocre. I'm willing to think it's not a bug but i'm getting a bit sure it is. Serie B games IRL get better...
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    Language File

    Can anyone send me or post a link with the English language file for FM 2005? Playing it in Portuguese, but it's Portugal's, and some stuff just dont make sense. Plus i cant stand reading "GOLO DO LIVERPOOL" every time i score. Thanks in advance.
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    Few Master League Questions

    1- If i pick the Match Mode Players mode, can i start right into the 1st division? 2- If i pick the Default ML Players mode, can i "delete" some of them and choose the player i want using the Search mode + add to list feature just like in the Create team mode? I only played ML in the...
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    Drama at Morumbi

    In a clash between São Paulo vs São Caetano, for the Brazilian Championship, Serginho, São Caetano's centre-back just fell on the ground and is "asleep". Doctors were trying to re-animate him, but to no avail. He's now heading to the hospital. Shocking stuff, it was EXACTLY the same way it...
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    Your CM highlights and failures

    Just trying to liven up the forum a bit. Talk here about the good moments of your CM career and the moments were you thought to yourself "damn, i screwed up". My best moments are winning the double with Millwall (EPL and UEFA Cup), treble with HSV (Bundesliga, German Cup and UEFA Cup), and...
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    OG- Volley Thread

    I dont know if anyone likes the sport, but well, i find it very entertaining so we could use this thread to discuss it. Also, Brazil are favourites so i think you get the picture. Yesterday we beat Russia 3-0 in a not so tough affair. Brazil is unbeaten atm.
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    OG - Phelps gets his first gold and breaks World Record for 400m Medley

    So, do you think he can get 7 golds? I really doubt it. On another, note, Thorpe got his first gold in the 400m, didnt break the world record though. He almost lost it to say the truth, the 2nd placed guy gave him a run for his money near the end.
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    Boca x River Plate - Libertadores All Argentinian Semi-final (P+R)

    The game will start in a few moments. This is the first leg, the stadium is packed and the atmosphere is great. Too bad no tickets were sold to the River fans to avoid any fights. My prediction is River 2x1 Boca, Cavenaghi and Gallardo for River, Tevez or Cangele for Boca.
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    Libertadores Thread (Non-spanish version)

    Well, for those that cant speak spanish but are fancy discussing Libertadores 2004, this is the place. The Cup is at Round of 16, i'll post some results (especially from Brazilian clubs). Santos lost the first leg against LDU 4-2 away, but somehow managed to beat them 2-0 and win the tie at...
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    Your Tactics

    Which tactic are you using it now guys? My 4th version of 4-1-3-2 aint working wonders, so i would like to know what you guys are using to see if i could "mime" it, and turn it into a good tactic. The team lost both Super Cup and Italian Super Cup on penalties too. So, any help is much...
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    [CM0304] In need of a World Class Goalkeeper

    I need it and i need it now. Seriously, i cant take anymore sh!t from Abbiati or Pelizzoli. I want someone who wont dissapoint me, not young, someone that comes in and takes the GK spot instantly. Any names? A cheap one preferably, although i have about 90 million transfer funds.
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    World Cup 2006 - How it went

    After a few great seasons with Milan, i was appointed as the manager at the Brazilian NT, only 5 months before the WC, and people expected me and the team to win it. Our set of fixtures involved a friendly against Japan, which the team won easily 4-0. So we travelled to Germany hoping for the...