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    player substitution

    How can I change the number of substitutions from 3 to 5 by match please ? Is it possible ?
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    How to erase a kit ?

    Is there a way to erase a kit by Frosty Editor ? example : loc1_home_20_0
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    animated adboards

    Hello there Is it possible to install animated adboards without restart my carrier ? Like this for instance :
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    language pack

    Hi all Would it be possible to get a fifa 17 language pack convert for fifa 16 ? English and French one I don't know if there is an existing solution... I'm asking....
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    db crash

    Hi everybody I download a db on soccergaming but after install it and regenerate, noway to start a new carrier. Fifa crash. What can I do ?
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    Hello there, Is it possible to get fifa 17 commentary on fifa 16 game ?
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    Clermont Foot Kits 17 ?

    Hello everybody. May someone can post the Clermont Foot (Ligue 2) fifa 17 Kits ? I would consider this one as a god for me for at least two or three days... :-o :lui:
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    DB Crash Problem

    I've got the "FIFA 16 Transfer Update 23.09.16 + Fix v2 Career Mode by ShuqLeiva" installed. Regenerate with Creation Master or i68controller. But The game crashes everytime I want to start a new carreer. Can anyone help me please ? Or send me a good db ? What do I need to do ?
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    Champion's League Anthem

    How can I get the real champion's league anthem instead of EA's one ?
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    Adboards Question

    Hello all I'm looking for a solution to this problem : - get 2 different adboards appear in the same match. Is it possible with Rev Mod ? I play with Olympique lyonnais. Here is my specific adboards : specificadboard_66_0_0_0 and specificadboard_66_0_0_1 but it doesn't work...
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    What Is The GameFace ID?

    Please, I read the solution but I can't find it again. Please, which number is gameface id ? How can I get the png picture of it ?
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    hi team How can I active scarves ingame ? Is there a way ? I've got rx3 files. What can I do with it ?
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    Problem With DB Master

    Hello Guys I've got a problem I'm not able to resolve I don't manage to open my FIFA 16 database with DB master. I've got an error message : "unable to find a part of access : C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16\Game\data\loc\locale.big What can I do please ?
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    How To Increase Fatigue ?

    Please, can you explain to me how I can modify the health of players. I want them to be more tired after a match. Is it possible ? Which line in the "rna" files ? Thanks !
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    Textures Olympique Lyonnais

    Hello all It would be great if one of you should send me files of olymp. Lyonnais players (new faces) like A.Lopes, B.Koné and Lacazette. I would like to work on it. Maybe there are other new faces in fifa 14 but I don't know. Sorry for my english.
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    French Commentary

    Might someone send me the french commentary files and explain me how to install them ? Many thanks cause I can't download it !
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    pb with the name of created player

    Hello all I created 2 players in CM13 and can't see their names in game. In fifa 13, there's just the number of their jersey, but not their name and impossible to add it. Do you know this problem ? How can I resolve it ? Thanls !
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    unlock european cups

    Please, how can I unlock European trophy in the first season of the manager mode ?
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    European Cup In The First Season ?

    Hello there, is there a way to activate the European cups at the first manager season ? For fifa 13 and 12 also ? Thanks in advance for your needed help :-)