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    FIFA 09 ScareCrow?!!

    What OS are you running? I had this problem when I installed windows 7 beta, I resorted to vista and the problem went away. I think its a driver issue, if not, download the latest version of directX and use the nvidia driver wizard and let it search for the appropriate driver. That should fix...
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    Creation Master Standard - What is it?

    Rinaldo, I think this is an excellent idea, I fully support this cause, I'm willing to help in whatever way I can.
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    Difficulty level - what difficulty? Video included

    I was wondering if something was wrong with my machine, the worldclass level is just ridiculous, its like amateur in other fifa games
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    The Sound Master 08 Thread

    True, I think i could barely hear it in the background, what can i do to increase the volume to make it sound like the anthems supplied with the game?
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    The Sound Master 08 Thread

    I added a new national team to the game, then imported the anthem as wave file, setup the reference for the anthem, but when i play the game, i dont hear the anthem. Any ideas why?
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    Kit request thread (request kits here, provide logos and photos)

    can Someone Please Make Jamaica Kits, I Beg Of You! Please!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kit request thread (request kits here, provide logos and photos)

    anyone have jamaica kits? Please I need these kits. Let me know if anyone have them.
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    NEW skill moves on CURRENT GEN (PC)?

    I suggest u get a gamepad if u really want to enjoy the best out of ur game. I've seen a few new moves, don't know how to do them with keyboard though cuz i use a gamepad.
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 08

    Sounds good donavonfan, Just tell me what you need to add the reggae boyz to the game:clapwap:
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    Would 08 Run on Nvidia GEforce FX 5200????????

    I doubt very much that you'll be able to play above 800x600 and with low details. You need more RAM and a better video card.
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    Boycott pay features of CM08

    while Rinaldo reconsiders his position, we will make our position clear, we will not pay for any editing tool!
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    FIFA MASTER 08 - Development plan

    Rinaldo, we all respect your work and appreciate your efforts. However, I think you would make alot more money if you ask for donations, its straight forward, a lot of persons will just use the standard features and not bother to pay, they will find alternative ways of doing the "WOW" stuffs...
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    FIFA MASTER 08 - Development plan

    Great news from the master himself. I have an idea for Rinaldo, maybe you can just build a game from scratch, so we don't need to do all this patching. Since you have such a great knowledge of all the different aspects of the game. Think about it.
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    Anyone know how to record an entire match?

    Ok now I get it, I thought you could actually record the match and save/export the video, but its only the full replay. Oh well, I'll just continue using fraps. Thanks monkeydragon.
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    Anyone know how to record an entire match?

    How is this done in game?
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    FIFA 08 PC Release

    hey Olsilverback, do you know how to record the highlights of the game and export to video, I have seen in the previews where this is suppose to be a new feature but I can find it in game. I can save a normal replay and export to video, but as to record and entire match, can that be done from...
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    Anyone know how to record an entire match?

    Yow Keegan, me deh pon deh gully side. me know bout fraps, but I thought there was a way to do it from within the game, I have seen most previews boasting the new feature, but I couldnt find it in the game.
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    Anyone know how to record an entire match?

    I have been reading that you can record an entire match in fifa 08 and export the highlights. If this is so can anyone tell me the steps to do this. Thanks.
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    Creation master 08?

    When will this be out? I cant wait.(:/)
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    Need Help! Please...

    What exactly do you want to edit? graphis - kits, boots, adboard etc. or rosters, add new teams, etc?