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    Copa Libertadores de América 2007(Draw).

    But why in the world were they wearing yellow shorts?
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    Symbolic Squad Numbers?

    I prefer... well... 20! Of course my team only has shirts numbered 1-16 (we're only allowed to have five players on the bench), but when I get to choose I always go for 20.
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    New Kits 2005/2006

    Love that kit. Got to find it somewhere...
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    Argentinian help?

    Next month I'll travel to Argentina where I'll stay for the next year as an exchange student. I know that I'm going to Tucuman, in the north. Can you tell me if there are any top flight teams from that part of the country? What about Atletico Tucuman? Are they any good? Thanks in advance...
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    World Cup 2006 Thread

    Both Czech Rep. and Holland are probably through as well...
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    UEFA Cup: AZ Alkmaar vs. Sporting [P+R]

    Man, that was drama. Watched it live on Eurosport. Good run, AZ (not that it matters now), congratulations Sporting!
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    Create a stadium

    you're right on the money...
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    French legend dies

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    National Team Career Mode

    Of course you should be able to take control of a national side if you've done good in club football. There should be national sides that want you after a season, just like club sides. And if you take over a national side you should be able to qualify for big tournaments and play them and...
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    Famous footballers You've Met?

    eiður guðjohnsen - alexy (?) lalas... ...and does anyone remember my thread about my meeting with hristo stoichkov?
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    Favourite international Tournament

    Didn't Ancient Rome win that tournament? Anyway, Euro 2004 is a favourite and I also liked WC 2002, for I saw almost every match of those tournaments - live - which is great of course...
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    OFFICIAL: FIFA say make a UK team now or else.

    You asked what the united team of N. Ireland, Wales and Scotland would be called. N. (from N. Ireland) Sc (from Scotland)ales (from Wales) Don't be silly now
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    Look Here Every1

    A game that went really well in my opinion was Euro 2004. Of course you could do much better with gameplay and graphics (and I'm sure you will) but other things, like more options concerning the time of day and the number of National teams. A creation centre is a good idea. Personally, a...
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    The Offical World Cup Qualifying Round Thread

    Man, France are completely lost - or so it seems. Go Ireland, Israel and Switzerland! is all I can say
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    Ultra Groups?

    Berserkir - Víkingur Reykjavík hehehe...
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    Henry's wristbands!

    Man, the guy who came up with that racism armbands idea must be the most original guy in the whole wide world. This is getting too much, if people are against racism (I'm one) they shouldn't need to wear some stupid armbands, and if they dig the armbands idea they shouldn't need an excuse like...
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    Friendly : Catalunya vs. Argentina {P & R}

    My cable fell out during half time break. Man, it was a very enjoyable match... (The crowd was great)
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    Most memorable moment of 2004?

    3. A) Argentina's run at the Olympics B) Man Utd stopping Arsenal's unbeaten run C) Porto winning the Champions League 2.Czech Rep. - The Netherlands 1.Greece winning the European Cup
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    Your Wishes For Fifa2006

    Yes, if a national team offers you the job in career it would be very cool. Also you should be able to change your teams kit and stuff... And classic mode is something I'm still waiting for.