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    [WCQ]Guatemala vs. Mexico

    since i havent seen the dude that be making these type a threads for a minute, i went ahead and made one couse the games next saturday, ill try to look for the squads later on, or if anyone has them just put em up...
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    Yellow Bracelets

    alrite, so wats the deal wit all these people wearin yellow bracelets, they everywhere, i was down in dago the other day and almost every other person in the street was wearin one of these, i went down to TJ too and the same sh!t, yellow bracelets everywhere, is this like the latest fashion...
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    Wat Happened to my Thread

    do any of you mods know wat happened to my "RIP Johnnie Cochran" thread i made it yesterday and now is nowwhere to be found, is it possible for someone to delete threads??? also, alotta weird sh!t has been goin on, for once why is it that i can only post on certain computers, when im at home i...
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    It Burns When I Pee!!!

    has this happened to you???
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    New York Radio station pokes fun at Tsunami Victimes

    some shady ass sh!t :kader: :kader: :kader:
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    The New PS2

    Does anyone if that the new ps2, the skinny, is soldout. Ive been lookin for it everywhere but they only have the fat one, Ive been to them department store chains, specialty stores--like EB and such-- but no luck. Is any one is having the same problem?????
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    Rape Charge against Kobe Bryant Dropped

    Just heard about this, something about the accuser not wanting to continue with the case. Here a link.
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    Upgrading my PC

    ok so Im thinkin of upgrading my pc. Im plannin on updating the motherboard & the ram. The only thing is that I wanna do it myself, even though I've never done anything like this. To anyone who has ever done this is it really complicated or is it just like programming a "VCR." By the way im...
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    Requesting a Sig

    Well I finally got to 100+ post and I wanted to see if someone could make a barca sig with rodnaldinho and marquez seeing as how my graphics skills are very, very poor.
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    Foot Locker(U.S.)

    Well I was recently at a Foot Locker in the L.A. area and to my amazement noticed that they now carry soccer jerseys. They had international and club jeseys; Spain, England, France, Argentina. and few others. I think this is pretty cool now I dont have to order online or go them specialty soccer...
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    Sony's new handheld device(PSP)

    Sony just unveiled the new Playstation Portable. I think it looks pretty cool......
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    Bycicle Kick

    Has anyone been able to do a bycicle kick yet. I have tried many times and still seem unable to do one.
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    iPod mini & windows 98

    Well it seems like microsoft is going to make me upgrade to winxp because I just bought an ipod mini only find out that win98 doesnt support it. Its actually the stupid program itunes that isnt compatible with win98. Why should I pay $200 for a stupid os that I dont need, thats what pisses me of...
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    Diggin up

    How old does a thread have to be before one of the mods starts to bitch at us for diggin it up. The reason for me asking this is couse sometimes I want to post something about an older thread but hesitate due to this whole diggin up business. And I dont wanna get banned or something.
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    To those who have played Euro2k4

    Ok you know when you do a pass in fifa2k4 the player who is receiving the ball just waits to receive it, just standing there doing nothing waiting for the ball to come and the defender just comes and steals the ball, Well is it the same in Euro2k4? or does the the player who receives a pass...
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    The Official Nascar Thread

    Ok so I dont even watch Nascar, but hey since there aint an offical Nascar Thread around here I thought I would make this one. By the way are there even any Nascar fans up here???
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    Besided SG

    Besides SG do you post in other forums.
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    Downsizing Signature Images

    Can anyone tell how can I downsize the size of siganture image. I already searched the fourms but found nothing.