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    My England Vs France match

    Since the other thread was closed i will make this one so i can tell you guys how i experienced watching the match in the stands of the Stadium of Luz. It was my first time on the Estádio da Luz and i can only say that the stadium is absolutely wonderful. Its really a top notch facility. Its...
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    My name is...

    Funny story In A Bola online Bulgarian Fan wanted to be called... Manchester United. "One of weirdest stories of this week occured in Bulgaria, where a Court prevented Marin of achieving his Childhood dream of changing his name to "Manchester United". Big admiror of the english club...
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    Beckham football´s biggest earner

    According to a France Football survey, David Beckham the 28 year old english captain is the game´s best payed player in the world. David Beckham had a total income of 22,4 m €, which includes 6,4 m € from his Real Madrid Salary, 11,4 m € from publicity contracts, 3 m € income from his...
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    Who would you buy?

    If you were your club Chairman, who would you buy? List the 3-5 players you would buy to help your club achieve next seasons objective. Please be as realistic as possible, considering your club financial status and possible targets who would consider appealing to join your team (No Zidane to...
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    Roberto Carlos signs for Chelsea

    According to spanish radio network Cadena Ser, Roberto Carlos, Real Madrid´s left back has signed a pre-contract with Chelsea for next season. The brazilian international will recieve 2 million € as signing fee. Poor Wayne Bridge :crazyboy: