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    How can i import a kit for our created teams.

    Hello :) I have created a club on Fifa 07 and now i would like to use KitRaptor and insert a kit done by a friend of mine. I cant find the team :\ so i am confused. Does anybody know a way to do this?
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    Little help - new Portugal kit

    I would like to know if some of the kitmakers can make the new kits of Portugal for FIFA 06. Heres a picture of them
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    Patch to increase frame rating on Online Mode

    Patch to increase frame rating on Online Mode After looking up in EA Foruns and others i have come up with a patch that rises up the frame rating when playing the Online Mode. In Portugal we are all using it and we can now play FIFA 06 as we played the other versions, with a normal frame...
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    FIFA 06 Patch By EA on the way

    "There is a patch in development for the PC version of FIFA 06 that will address the following issues: 1 - USB Keyboard Incompatibility fix - FIFA 06 is currently not compatible with some commonly used USB keyboards. The patch will fix this issue so that they can function in FIFA 06. The fix...
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    FIFA 06 Router problems

    Hey ;) I would like to know what doors should i open, using a router, so i can host normally. And if possible, do you know what files are related to the commentaries? I ask these cause i want to send a friend of mine the portuguese commentaries but i dont know exactly what files to send...
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    Music Video of FIFA 2006

    Hey i had made a music video of FIFA 2006. I have recorded some plays of mine and mix it with some real football videos. The tricks showed are simple and very effectiv. Its near 51 mega and i hope you enjoy it. Btw, see it...
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    X-Kriptons UEFA 2005 Clan

    As you may already know or not X-Kriptons is a very young clan. The whole idea came from the heads of Trigun and Tenente_Maio. A lot of effort and hard work has been given to make X-Kriptons a clan with all the supports to hit success. At the moment we are a UEFA Champions League 2005...
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    Big Problem With Gamepad :( Please help

    Well when i played the demo the button number 10 was to sprint and do some 1on1 moves and button 9 was pause. Now its reverse Crying or Very sad and its a pain in the neck!!!! I would like to know how to change this ( if its possible of course ). Please help, i play online and its really a...