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    anyone found ways to add players into a squad?

    i've tried editing the db using db master 2.0, but to no avail... any1 had any success? if yes, pls advice! i was actually trying to add david odonkor & jens nowotny to the german squad... i created 2 new players & copied the attrinutes fr fifa06, mainly touching on player, player_write &...
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    boot raptor 2GB for WC 06?

    any 2GB raptor yet? i managed to import the 2GB boots into the game... during the edit player... i can see the boots perfectly... penalty shootouts is playable sometimes... some other times... crash to desktop but i just can't play a normal game! when i choose 'play now'... when it wanna...
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    more than 5 boots mite be possible!

    i may not b a computer genius, but i think i've found a breakthrough in getting > 5 boots into the game after using the FatGui, we noe that adding new files into the zdataxx.big files are possible so, i xperimented by adding a new boot into it zdata04.big naming it...