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    kEL's Kit Database

    Thanks for the link :)
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    kEL's Kit Database

    I hope my question will be answered now :(
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    kEL's Kit Database

    And also, how would I get, say, the numbers and balls to work? Thanks!
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    kEL's Kit Database

    Ah, indeed :thup: Next question: How do I put it in the game (I'm only used to installing patches and stuff :()
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    kEL's Kit Database

    For WE7:I, btw. If you can't, could someone else do it?!
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    kEL's Kit Database

    Could you please make the Man Utd 04/06 home kit but with white socks?!!! Thanks!
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    Bootpack by me

    Cheers for the bootpack, but when I regnerate the AFS to create enough space, the goalie kits go crazy (all stripey and stuff) :( Anyway to fix this?
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    Bootpack by me

    Wow, these look really nice. Could you make a pack for me: Editable: Nike Total 90 III Adidas F50 Adidas Predator Pulse On top of that, I'd really love to see the F50+ boots as "Number 4", and you could then put whatever one's you want to fill the rest? That would be really great...
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    All About Bootpack Creating

    Can someone make a WE7:I bootpack with the Nike Total 90's, the Adidas Pulse's and Adidas F50's editable? Please, I would really appreciate it! :)
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    All About Bootpack Creating

    Hi, I've had a real problem with getting new boots into the game, and have searched for help on various other forums. Anyway, this seems to have a pretty large following, so maybe someone can help me out. This is a post I've made elsewhere:
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    How do you like the DEMO?

    It sucks! THe heading still hasn;t been fixed, and the graphics are worse compared to 2003. IMO, EA have screwed us again, but I'll persist in playing, and see if it wins me over :/
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    fifa should make 2 games.....

    I'm sorry, but the normal FIFA is arcade enough....
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    No Demo Yet: We'll inform when is out

    Ok, I haven't posted here in ages, but after reading all of this, I have to wonder what some of you are thinking. First off: YOu can't critisise TheWolf for what he's saying. He pays for the game, he ahs every right to rant about it. I've bought the last 2 FIFA games for PC, and both have...
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    New Net Structure

    can i please have it too [email protected] cheers!!
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    Your Ideal Team

    i know he isn't a real player. antonio lopes is actually a researcher for the game, and he put himself in:)
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    I dont think soccergaming wants to coop with fifa fans.

    FIFA is Sh*t, WE6:FE is the best footy game EVER Sensible Soccer = Best. PC Football. Game. Ever (except CM)
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    Portuguese Super Liga 2002/2003

    please post in english:)
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    Your Ideal Team

    GK - Dudek DL - A. Cole DR - J. Terry CB - Lucio CB - A. Nesta MCL - Giggs MCR - Mutu MC - Viera AM - Fernando Torres FC - Tsigalko FC- To Madeira (god!!! about 50 k as well)
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    Have your say on what Konami should put in PES3.

    Ok, almost all the suggested ideas I agree with. Keep it as good as WE6:FE... 1) 360-degree movement Improved whatever, whatever, you know, all the other suggestions (liscences, rosters, gameplay, ) 2) Pitches deteriorate 3) Players get 'muddy', the pitch breaks upo in these areas...
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    FIFA 2004 Wishlist

    Play WE6: Final Evolution for PS2, and basically turn that into a PC game, but with FIFA kits, etc...and the introduction of handballs!!!! Also, the computer should foul more, having one free kick every 5 games in not realistic!!! KUTGW