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    Crappy tiki taka ai

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of any editing that can be done to stop the AI treating the ball like a hot potato.. They literally kick it without even controlling it 95% of the time, short, hard passes to teammates when they should be running with it or holding onto the ball.. It makes for a...
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    FIFA 15 modded to 18/19 (better than FIFA 19!!)

    Hey guys, I've been a regular on FIFA 15 since it came out. I did buy 16, 17 and 18 (knew 19 would be same old recycled crap so saved my money on it). Decided to update my FIFA 15 instead and stick with it as I've managed to get the gameplay and graphics just the way I want them.. it's taken...
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    FIFA 19 Nintendo switch faces to fifa 15

    Hello, There is some great work being done by the likes of HarryBullZak and others in the fifa 14 forum with converting FIFA 19 faces to fifa 14.. id love to have these faces in fifa 15 but unfortunately they don't work so will need find a way.. I'm more than happy to dedicate time to the...
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    Attribute Editing

    Hey guys, I'm putting this thread here as it's the most active part of the forum and it does apply to fifa 18 as well as others.. Over the past couple of weeks I have been editing database attributes to try and make the gameplay more realistic and wanted to share my thoughts as well as ask...
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    Audio files

    Hey all, Is there a way we can make the sound effects (i.e sounds when kicking the ball) a bit more like they are in Pes as they seem more real whereas FIFA has them washed out
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    Random position changes?

    Hi all, I normally play versus CPU and in almost every game randomly their LB will swap with RW for example.. I have checked to see that the players only have their designated positions allocated so not sure why this happens?
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    Change team names

    Does anyone know how to change a team name in FIFA 15? I've used CM15 to change the name and it saves, when I check the DB using DB master it shows the new name but in game it shows the original team name..???
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    Gameplay problems

    Hi all, I've noticed a few gameplay issues with FIFA 16 which I find are quite annoying.. basic things so there maybe a fix..? First is the 100 mile an hour pass which leads the ball to bouncing up and around players knees even when playing a basic side step pass.. unless playing a lofted pass...
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    CM16 and Windows 10 issue

    Hi guys, Really hope someone can help, I've had to get rid of my gaming PC and got myself a gaming laptop running Windows 10. Installed Origin, FIFA 16 and then CM16 v2.0, FIFA works fine but I can't seem to get CM16 to open, I'm using admin rights but once I click on open nothing happens.. can...