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    Adriano's Numbers & Letters

    Hi FIFA, new thread...I have a lot of fonts and I want to share with you...I don't know yet wich format I'll post my game I have 128x256, 512x1028...what do you guys want?
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    Fonts by Adriano

    Hey guys, this will probably be a little thread, because I have no time at all to make fonts. I've made some these days, and I want to share with you. Comments are welcome, but NOT REQUESTS!!!! (Y) See ya!!!
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    Fonts by Adriano 2012

    Hello everyone! Yeah, I know it's almost April, but better late than never (Y)...well, I start this new thread very happy seeing so many fontmakers around, and I just want to be one more guy helping to make this game even better... This time I won't take requests because I don't have a lot of...
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    Fonts by Adriano FIFA11

    Hi everybody! I'm starting this thread earlier than last year! Even the masters are still developing the tools (special thanks to Jorge, Rinaldo, MonkeyDragon, Fabio, Bernd and Hrvoje), we can easily edit some textures, like kits and numbers. So, I'll start editing a font that doesn't look...
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    Fonts by Adriano 2010

    Hello everyone!!! Merry Xmas to all!!! I've been very busy for a long time, but I'm back with some new stuff. I don't have much time to make the fonts, so probably I won't take all requests. Requests with good pics are welcome! :innocent_smile_1: See ya!
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    Fonts by Adriano

    Hi, here I'm gonna post my work, I've been making these for a while. I have lots of fonts, so first I´ll post all of them. After that, if you want to request please post really good pictures and I'll try to do my best. Thanks.
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    Adriano's Fonts

    Hi, everyone. Inspired by Fiordy, I started to make fonts. My first is PSV (home, away and GK, they are the same). Look the poor screenshots ans see if you like. If you do, I'll post them here. Thanks!