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    English Championship Playoff Replay Logo ?

    Does anyone know where i can locate the replay logos for the English playoff tournaments. In the game they are displayed as NPower Logo which needs to be changed to SkyBet Logo. Barrie
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    Where Have All The Stadiums Gone?

    I understand that the process of converting stadiums to work within Fifa 13 is a complex and very time consuming, but there is a real shortage of new stadiums. I have downloaded the wonderful Goodison Park, DW Stadium and Borussia Park and this has really added enjoyment to the game. To...
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    Best Site For HD Logos

    Hi everyone, you may be interested in a site i came across when searching for 3dHD Logos for Fifa13. Although the logos have been designed with PES in mind, the logos are in 256 x 256 resolution and can be imported into the game with CM13. Be sure to download the png files and not the PES Bin...
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    Is There A Way To Unlock All Accessories For VP

    Does anyone know how to unlock all accessories for the Virtual Pro without altering the database,so that Career will not be lost. What I would like is to assign wrist tape and bandages to my VP. I have developed a workaround using photoshop and a tattoo template to paint on wrist tape and...
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    How To Extract Compid Files?

    Does anyone know how to extract the Compid file for editing.
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    How To Edit Tournament Names

    Can somebody please show me how to change the Tournament names so that they are the same as the actual competition names. Thanks Barrie
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    EA Sports Assistance

    Is it possible for a Regulator of this forum to contact the FIFA Development Team in Vancouver on behalf of the entire community to raise a number of questions as to the games limits EG how many teams and kits can be added to the lua files This would be a great help to modders to understand...
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    DBM12 Fix For 13

    Hi Can someone please upload the DB Master 12 Fixer, I am unable to download from the authors site. Thanks Barrie
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    Virtual Pro ID Found

    For anyone that's interested i found the ID of the created Virtual Pro, in my case the ID=30999. This has worked in both Fifa 12 & Fifa 13 and have managed to add long socks with Scouser Revolution Mod ID may dependent on the name given to Virtual Pro? Hope It Helps
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    FIFA 13 Practice Arena

    Is it possible to change the practice arena as in FIFA 12. Can't seem to find the option for change. Barrie
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    Virtual Pro Player ID?

    Does anyone know the Player ID for the Virtual Pro. I would like to user Scouser09 Revolution Mod to change the length of socks and remove the undershorts.
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    Virtual Pro Player ID ?

    Does anyone know the Player ID for the Virtual Pro. I would like to user Scouser09 Revolution Mod to change the length of socks and remove the undershorts.
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    FIFA 12 DMP Files

    Does anyone know how to view the dump file?
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    Sevilla FC

    For some reason i am unable to play Sevilla at their home ground. They can play away no problem, this has know halted my Career progress as Valencia my virtual pro team is due to play Sevilla away. The game crashes when you select Sevilla as the home team in exhibition mode, regardless of...
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    Virtual Pro - Undershorts

    Does anyone know how to remove the undershorts of the Virtual Pro. I ave not selected them from the accessories menu and i dont think i have earned suffient attributions to warrant them. Also, what is the player ID of the virtual pro. Best Regards Barrie
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    EA Sports Logo In Exhibition Mode

    Does anyone know where the EA Sports Logo that plays during the startup of exhibition mode is located. Best Regards Barrie
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    Tournament Default Stadium

    Does anyone know how to change the default Tournament stadium, without selecting from the menu. I have built a Welsh League with 4 divisions and have allocated each team to play at Town Park via CM12. However when i try to play a created tournament i always have the default stadium regardless of...
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    Maximum Number of Leagues Per Country ?

    Hi can anyone please tell me what is the maximum allowed number of leagues per country in Fifa 12. I have managed to get 5 tiers of leagues but unable to get the game to recognise tiers 6 & 7 namely Blue Square North and South. I am using CM12 to the editing and while I can get the League Logos...
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    Cardiff City Home Kit FIFA 12

    Hi I managed to cock up my Cardiff City Home Kit using CM12, can anyone export and upload the kit i would be thankful Best Regards Barrie