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    Volta/Pro Clubs kits/clothes textures

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether it is possible for someone to extract the textures (and maybe even models?) that are used for Volta apparel (and tattoos) and Pro Clubs kit templates? This is for a FIFA Street on PS3/360 mod, in which I am trying to update it as much as possible to the 2020...
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    FIFA Console Editing - PS3 (X360)

    In this thread you will find mods initially compatible with FIFA on PS3. Most of these mods are (based on) works of other people in this community, mainly from the people of the FIFA 14/16 threads, as these are the most active forums and the files of these games usually work on the PS3 very...
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    FIFA STREET PS3 (X360) - Console Editing

    Hey guys, recently I played some FIFA Street on the PS3 again after a long time and I enjoyed a lot. It also got me to think, what if we can mod it? And now, it's easier to do so thanks to the PS3Xploit team which brought us some CFW functions on OFW consoles, including installing custom...
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    PES (6) Balls For FIFA

    Hi everybody, As some of you might know, jorge78 made an awesome 32 panel ball model, based on the PES 6 model. The model has a problem with the rotation and colormap, and I hope someone will be able to fix it. But for now, let's share this thread for PES ball textures that work on this...
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    Possible? 12 & 13 Stadiums In 14

    I know the files are different, instead of model and textures in one rx3, we now have a model and texture file. I saw a few people who have Fifa 12/13 stadiums in Fifa 14. My question is how can we do that?
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    Brazuca In FIFA 14?

    I was just looking into the balls in CM14, and I noticed that there was a preview image of the leaked Brazuca. The question is now: does EA know that this is really the Brazuca, since the game came out before all the 'leaked' images. Did EA also know about a leaked version? Is this...
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    FIFAYoun's Balls

    Hi, I've been practicing in creating balls and now it's time to release some of my works. I'm still new when it comes to balls, so don't expect too much. When I get better or am out of ideas I will take requests. If the balls are based on balls of other authors, I will credit the authors...
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    FIFA Street 4 Converted Files

    Here I will post some FIFA Street balls and boots I've converted. FIFA Street Ball Pack Contains: -Nike Seitiro Street -Nike Duravel -Nike Rolinho Clube -Adidas Adi5 Yellow -Adidas Adi5 White -Adidas Adi5 Red -Street Classic Ball FIFA Street Final Ball Pack Contains: -Adidas F50...
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    FifaYoun's New Kits

    Trying to make some kits. I am not the best but I'll try to make something of it! I'll try to begin with CAN 2013 kits. First: Morocco CAN 2013 Home: Away: Goalkeeper: Alternate Home Kit: Alternate Home & Away Shorts: Thanks to ŻuQ for his templates...
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    FIFA 13 Arenas

    Hi everybody, As you all know FIFA 13 has many arenas, but you can only play in the new one. In CM13 I tried adding the other new arena that you can only see when playing the skill games (as a stadium). It worked and it looks pretty good. I've a few screens: As you can see the grass...