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  1. luabys

    L77&Nevil72 Italian League Graphic MOD

    L77&Nevil72 Italian League Graphic MOD Version 1.0 Features: All Series A kits updated Added all 4 Juventus kits Added all Serie A numbers Referee-AIA Series A kits added Installation tips We recommend using a clean installation of FIFA 20 for this patch. Frosty Mod Manager v1.0.5.7 is...
  2. luabys

    L77's Kit Mod

    Hi all, this season I will publish my works for Fifa 16 also in Fifa 19 version, thanks to the help of @ Nevil72. The works will be in the mod version so as to facilitate use through FrostyModManager. For any questions, refer to @Nevil72. Thank you P.S. As always, I do not accept REQUESTS and...
  3. luabys

    Italian League Mod

    Italian Leagues Mod By @Nevil72 Update all Serie A Jerseys with bands and sponsors Added all series B kits CREATED BY L77 Added new series A adboards Series A referee kits added Added All Series A Banners Added Sky Scoreboard Added all the Serie B logos (Teams) Championship + Italian...
  4. luabys

    L77's Kits

    Serie A & Serie B Kits by L77
  5. luabys

    L77's Kits

    Hello I am L77 Staff / editor of Fifamania, from today I will publish my creations here. I hope you will enjoy them I do not accept requests. Published only works for Serie A and B