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  1. Triskele Esports

    Help time matches compdata

    Hi mates. I have a problem with match times. I modified the Japanese championship and entered it in Italy (lv2) in the compdata and in the db. Works perfectly. The only thing I can't manage is the match times. The evening matches no longer exist. Even in the "quick game" I select 9pm but I...
  2. Triskele Esports

    Wrong thread - Delete it

  3. Triskele Esports

    Triskele Mod - Italian Championships (Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, Serie D)

    Hello everybody. Work on the TRISKELE MOD proceeds. Lots of news in sight for the Italian championships. Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro and Serie D. More than 100 italian teams. 1500 players. Anyone wishing to help the project can write to me privately :)
  4. Triskele Esports

    Italian Mod - Serie C Lega Pro

    Hello guys. "Triskele Mod 2.0" for FIFA20 is online. Several works inside. Update of Serie A and Serie B to the 20-21 season. Add on 29 new Serie C Lega Pro teams divided into 2 divisions connected to the superior series (Serie A and Serie B ). Serie C teams are: - Alessandria - Arezzo -...
  5. Triskele Esports

    db - comment players and teams

    Hi guys, I'm editing the db with DBM and I should remove the comment from some players and some teams. how can I not get them named in the game? Thanks