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  1. radu1984

    Creating Fifa 10 Scoreboards

    Hello everyoane ! Sorry to disturb you but i want to ask for your help in creating Fifa 10 scoreboards , i have a template , i designed and tried some but i got errors , i tried allot but nothing . :( If someoane has a tutorial , some advices , some tips , please let me know , i would be very...
  2. radu1984

    Hello ! I need 2 Fifa 10 Programs

    I want to create TV Popups and Scoreboards for FIFA 10 , i on a website an image with 2 great programs : FIFA TV POPUPS MAKER and FIFA 10 SCOREBOARD MAKER . I searched on the web but I did not find them . If someone has them and wants to upload here and / or place a link from where to download...
  3. radu1984

    Fifa 10 Scoreboards in Monkey Dragon "Scoreboards and TV Popups"

    Good evening , i have created some scoreboards for fifa 10 , to use them in FIFA 10 you can use File Manager 10 and import them but...appear crashes and errors and each match you have to change with File Manager 10 it's boring this way. The other way is to use "Monkey Dragon Scoreboards and TV...
  4. radu1984

    Scoreboards in Monkey Dragon XTV Popups and Scoreboards

    Hello and happy holidays , can someone show me some links to tutorials or have tutorials and knows how to create scoreboards from *.png files to fsh and MOST IMPORTANT for me HOW TO AD THEM to "Monkey Dragon's XTV Popups and scoreboards ? I have some files (*.png) and don't know how to get them...
  5. radu1984

    Need some advice

    Good morning , since my old desktop pc broke down and since i did not had the money for a performant one i bought an Asus notebook with the bellow specs. , my question is : Can i play fifa 10 on it runing windows 10 with al fifa 10 setings at low and all the tricks to make windows 10 lighter ...
  6. radu1984

    Balls for 2017-2018 or 2018-2019 Season

    Good evening to you all , i want to ask you if someone has all the balls (new ones) for the 17/18 or 18/19 season ? And if you have them maybe if you have time and if you want ofcourse to upload them and post the links here please ! And also how to ad them to FIFA 08 using FIFA MASTER 08 tools...
  7. radu1984

    Database Converter

    I need to know if it exists a CM 08 to CM 09 , and CM 10 to CM 09 Database DB Converter , i searched google but nothing . Do you have something like this and want to place a link for download please do . Thank you and a good evening ! :)
  8. radu1984

    FIFA 09 2018/2019 Update Patch

    I am glad to anounce you that this summer i will launch my FIFA 09 2018/2019 Update Patch.It will contain all 30 Leagues and and all 41 nationall teams plus Rest Of The world teams . -All originall players faces up to date -All transfers up to date. -All kits home/away (and posible) third kit up...
  9. radu1984

    FshEd 0.05 error

    I have a problem , everytime i close (on exit) "FshEd 005" a error appears just like in the photo if you have a sugestion i would really apreciate it , i need it for creating scoreboards for FIFA 10 ! Thank you so much !
  10. radu1984

    FIFA 09 game engine

    Good evening , does anyone now what game engine / programing language was used to create FIFA 09 for PC ? Thank you and a good night ! :)
  11. radu1984

    Monkey Dragon Tools for FIFA 08 Virus

    I downloaded the installer of the "Monkey Dragon 08" witch ads all the tools from MD for FIFA 08 and surprise , AVG,Bitdefender,Avira and so on says it is a virus , something of a "Malware generetor" is this a mistake or is it for real ...
  12. radu1984

    Europa League Scoreboard

    Hello , i want to ask you if you have a scoreboard for Uefa Europa League for FIFA 11 like the one in the photo can you please place a link for download . And if i don't ask too much can someoane have the time and wishes to make one i will apreciate it allot . Thank you , take care and have a...
  13. radu1984

    FIFA 09 i68 Regenerator

    Hello , sorry to disturb again but i need the " FifaMania Regenerator 09" i searched 2 days on google but all links are dead , does someone have the program and if so please can you uploadet and post a link ? Thank you so much ! Have a great day ! :) Oh and does the -FAT Master 09- does the same...
  14. radu1984

    CMS Patch Converter for fifa 09

    Hello friends , i know there is a -CMS Patch Converter 10- for FIFA 10 and i want to ask you , if it exists , - CMS Patch Converter 09- if there is one out there can you please post a link . Thank you so much All the best ! :)
  15. radu1984

    Monkey Dragoon Tools Pack for FIFA 10

    Hello friends , does anybody has the MonkeDragon's tools pack for FIFA 10 , kinda like FIFA 10 MD TOOLS , i know there are some of them on the internet but not the full pack , please if you have this pack for FIFA 10 upload them or post a link ! Thank you so much , have a great day ! All the...
  16. radu1984

    How to import Faces and Kits in FIFA 09

    What is the easy way to import Kits/Faces from FIFA 08 and FIFA 10 to FIFA 09 ? Thank you and have a good evening ! :)
  17. radu1984

    Kit Master 08

    Hello friends , does someone has this program "Kit Master 08" and if you do have it can you upload and post a link please , i really need it ! Than you ! :)