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  1. humbertoaze

    Humberto Fantasy Stuff

    Hey All, I will start to post here my kits made on FIFA Creator. I'm not a kit maker, so don't expect too much. And my kits will be almost always fictional. For first is a Fantasy Liverpool Warmup Carlos*et
  2. humbertoaze

    Madden Stadiums in FIFA? Possible?

    Hey Guys, I was talking to Wizard today about the Madden NFL Stadiums. The version of 2014 (Madden 25), 2015, 2016 and 2017 were made in the same FIFA 16 engine, Ignite, for PS4 and XBOX one. Anyone has already tested it? If no, should we try? Does anyone has the game? I found ways online to...
  3. humbertoaze

    Humberto Stadiums Convertion

    Hey Guys, These are stadiums converted from PES6. I just convert them, I dont know how to make it. All the credits go the autors. JAPAN Sapporo Dome (Konami PES6)!SSRwSKRT!wMs3X3ii-PxbN3AKYejyCVcEI2jmlh4Me9XTfuEkDFU Kobe Stadium...
  4. humbertoaze

    Increase the noise of Away crowd

    There is something that boders me in FIFA 16 is when a away team scores and there is no celebration, or a very low one. Mainly when is a neutral game, Uefa CL Final or a World Cup Game for example. Then I found this on product.ini CROWD_TUNE_SECTIONS_HOME_THRESHOLD = 0.15...