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  1. cikoman

    FIFA 19 Practice Arena

    Guys just every year the practice arena is back! Just type the following line into the local.ini And type the half length minutes also if you want! HAVE FUN SKIP_BOOTFLOW=1 HALF_LENGTH=6 AI_SETTING_HALFLENGTH=6 Watch here for a preview:
  2. cikoman

    New COOP Camera Setting + Graphic Tweak

    HEy guys, i have changed the camera settings of the COOP CAMERA. If anybody is interested i can upload the mod. One thing. I am trying to fix the black bar and the light blue bar (see at the pics). Graphic Tweak: ONLY NIGHT GAMES THE LIGHTNING. So let me know Here is the link to test it mates...
  3. cikoman

    Maximum LOD Mod

    Guys i created a MAXIMUM LOD for FIFA 18. That means: Players, Tunnel, Kit selection,NIS, Highlights, replays etc. so all invoriments is at a maximum level. ENOY IT Link: