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    Funny Fifa 16 video WTF

    Hi all, I have played somem atches yesterday with my friends against the CPU AI and I recorded a very funny scene:D If you like the video please subscribe and give it a thumbs up! Thanks for watching in Advance
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    Tournament edit

    Hi all! I am playing with moddingway mod. I would like to edit tournament in classic teams and national team mod. In creation master i cannot see those tournaments which is on tge game on that database. I want to make uefa WC qualifiers (i made it on fifa 15). Can somebody help me how to edit...
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    FIFA 16 Highlight Commentary

    Hi all! Is it possible to somehow disable the commentator when i see the highlights in half time and in the end of the match? I want just listen the music.
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    Tournament problem

    Hi all! I have created tournaments (fifa 2018 and uefa 2016) Everything works perfect except this: Can somebody help me how to fix this? Thanks in advance Philip