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    fifaHelper tool for automatical converson databases Fifa22 -> Fifa15/16

    Hi I am in the middle of tests some tool which converts databases: fifa22 -> fifa16 fifa22 -> fifa15 fifa16 -> fifa15 depends on selected option. Files which are converted: "dcplayernames.txt" "default_teamsheets.txt" "defaultteamdata.txt" "formations.txt" "leaguerefereelinks.txt"...
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    For what purpose there is param hashighqualityhead in players.txt?

    Hi I think that when headclasscode = 0 then specific rx3 head is taken and if such file doesn't exist then we have bug during game that player has missing head. But what purpose is of param hashighqualityhead? For example Adam Federici some not so famous player from Australia team has...
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    Are face.rx3, hair.rx3 files useles if there isn't head.rx3 file for a given player?

    Hi I made some command for checking if all rx3 files for player look exist. I am checking such files: struct HeadHelper { std::string playerid; bool hasEyes{ false }; //"^eyes_[0-9]+_0_textures\\.rx3$" from dir: "\\data\\sceneassets\\heads\\"; bool hasHead{...
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    dcplayernames and playernames limit for fifa15?

    I search a person who is familiar with dcplayernames and playernames limit in fifa15. There are some expand buttons in creation master15 and dbmaster but from my experience it seems it doesn't work for playernames. Also manual editing of fifa-ng-db-meta.xml doesn't work. For example after...
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    How to download content from imsstudiomod

    Hi I wrote some many negative words but I stop. I will just write: It seems that in order to be able to download link from imsstudiomod You have to for example try to open link 10 times. And finally You reach or google drive link destination, but many attempts before finished...
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    Hi If someone is about to download FIFA 15 PC NEXT SEASON PATCH 2021 V3.1 or V3.0 please don't use google chrome, use internet explorer. I wasted 3 hours on being able to download link.
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    How to download patches?

    Hi I noticed that sometimes patches are put into some strange websites from which we cannot download it. For example let's see here: or here: Links are...
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    how to export/import images to overlay.big globalcomponents.big ???

    Hi For rx3, rx2 files there is Fifa converter tool so that You can easily export or import your own logo during replay. But how to edit scoreboard, popups if they are as .big files not rx3/rx2? I noticed there is a need to do something with: In fifa98 You could use ea graph tool for big...
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    Gameplay from FIFA15 Fidel Doctor Production into FIFA16

    Hi I have played about 20 matches so far in Fifa 16 and I noticed that there are many situations 1 on 1. This is due to the fact that LCB, RCB defenders didn't come back whereas strikers of opposite team accelerate but defenders don't speed up trying to mark strikers. So when there is...
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    Is anybody familiar with wipe3d/overlay ids?

    Hi I am looking someone who is familiar with FIFA 16\data\sceneassets\wipe3d ids (wipes) and FIFA 16\data\ui\game\overlays ids (popus, scoreboards) If You have some wipe3d how to assign this one to specific tournament, what id set for wipe3d when for example league id is let's say 25 and...
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    hot to rotate rx3 stadium

    For 5 stadiums I imported I have such issue that roof is seen when playing match. And you cannot tune it with the aid of zoom/height settings (0-20). But if I can rotate stadium by 180 degree (so that camera is place on the other side) then the problem won't be visible as roof isn't on the...
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    strange investigation about gameplay patches

    Hi With the aid of Frosbite Editor I wanted to understand what are differences between settings for some gameplays. For comparison I took Fifa 21 gameplay ESim2.0, default ea gameplay and Paulv2k4 gameplay. I exported all gameplay files (gp_cpuai_difficulty_runtime, gp_defense_bounce_runtime and...
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    switching commentary language faster than in origin

    Hi I would like to share how I switch commentary without origin (where switching is a bit time consuming). Step 1.) The files for commentary are (examples for german, eng, french, italy, for other languages the difference is in the end of filenames): D:\Origin Games\FIFA...
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    Editing gameplay in fifa17-21

    Hi I have played fifa15 for 5 years now, but as I has finished long career in fifa15 I wanted to switch to more fresh fifa17-21. Background: In fifa15 it was easy to modify gameplay through cl.ini file with just a few params, you for example apply great DOCTOR+ FIDEL gameplay patch and then...