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    Jagged edges issue!

    re You are actually right, but there are still some options, and for example on NVIDIA cards users could force AA even in PES serie through nHancer, unfortunately this tool is made for NVIDIA cards only.
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    Kitserver 7

    yes there, its called Rivatuner, and it works for both ati and nvidia, almost any card, limitation is in driver version, you could get more info on
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    Your PC Setup for PES 2008

    and do you actually see it ingame? i have also forced aa even through nhancer, and tried many levels but none of them worked, so it looks like the pes 2008 doesnt support aa, like previous version, or am i wrong?
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    How do you like FIFA08 demo?

    my opinion its the same as last year, it should be available as update for fifa07, i hope only that pes2008 will be veery good, and veeery hard on my hardware, and it will look like fifa2020 :)
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    Kitserver 6

    thanx, its working
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    Kitserver 6

    oops sorry I forgot to write that i copied folders from pes6 kitserver, to we pes2007 kitserver, where is wepes 2007 installed, i tried to run it before, with kits and other files that were included in kitserver 650, and it was working
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    Kitserver 6

    Many thanks Juce and Robbie, you are making PES and WE THE GREATEST GAMES EVER, without you it wouldnt be that GREAT. :Bow: :clapwap: :clapwap: and i have one problem :),i have the newest version 650 with 651 patch installed, previously i had pes6 with superpatch, and i dont know exactly which...