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    8 Player Disaster

    Hello, I am wanting to play PES6 on my P.C. 8 player but I am having a bit of a technical issue. I have 3 USB-> 2* Playstation 2 Dongle 1 USB-> Xbox Dongle 1 Xbox360 Pad The issue that I am having is that although all the pads appear in Game Controllers (within control...
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    Back Up Pro Evo Dvd (pc)

    Ok, so I need to back up pro-evo 6 to a writable DVD. Why? See "DVD Read Nightmare" thread in the technical section. Basically it turns out the proevo dvd and my dvd drive are incompatible. Anyway, so I was hoping to use a friends computer to back up proevo to a writable DVD and play...
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    DVD Read Nightmare!

    Ok so i'ev just got PES6 but I'm having a huge technical problem... the disk won't read. I've tried the disk in other computers and its fine I've tried other DVD's (inc the FIFA07 dvd) in mine and they are fine. So does anyone have any idea why this specific disk / drive combo is causing...
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    PADS - Using original Xbox pad on pc

    Hi, I've got the game running nicely (except for the jerky cut scenes) using an original Xbox pad, an xbox-to-usb cable and the XBCD drivers. However, as with lots of people I too am having a hard time getting my second joystick to function as a trick stick (as you would commonly find on...