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    Current Best Option File for PC PES2009?

    I'm looking for that too. It would be greatly appreciated.
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    greatest reception in Football history(If this video doesnt move you)

    That reception for River was awesome... I would love to see one like that again, it's a shame I won't ! =(
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    Wow, Ronaldinho looks like crap in the game...

    lol omg i'm rolling on the floor laughing about this argument :p:rofl:
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    The Safe House

    nfsu 2 sig...
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    The Safe House

    do you like steam? :p
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    The Sims 2

    yes , but you can only control them on the streets
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    I'm joining Yash in the Losers Club

    Yep! Congrats!!! Hope to see you around the 20000 soon :p
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    Rahul's 2GK Kits

    It's very very well , but you have to improve on the logos :D and you can make a better captain band , I think ;) :)
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    Career Mode Requests Thread

    In the career mode , I only want the things that a manager has to do in the real life... and to have money , not credits :p
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    A "sexy" site design (Comments appreciated)

    yeah i agree :p but it's a "new" and "cool" design :p:crazyboy:
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    Stadiums in FIFA 2004 (situation, progress ..)

    wow , that's really amazing !!!! nice nice nice! :D Thanks for the answer ;)
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    Stadiums in FIFA 2004 (situation, progress ..)

    just a little question , is there another file for the shadows or the game just make them automatically?
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    World League Problems Thread

    [/img] same prob here , any ideas?:crazyboy:
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    dark pablo is in love

    You are a really good mod mate ;) sorry about that kind of posts I did , I think I was a bit furious and I didn't know what I was writing... sorry again:)
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    dark pablo is in love

    If I can't let things go I wouldn't sorry about this ;) see , at all the posts on this thread I was telling to the people if we could finish with this and someone comes and insults me again and again Ok now sorry if you want me to tell you this a hundred times and finish with this , ok ? I...
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    dark pablo is in love

    ok ban me :p just I'm telling you that i'm sorry and you come to tell me that :p
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    dark pablo is in love

    ok ok I don't want to discuss to anyone anymore as I said on more or less 5 posts , but you say I don't let it go... it's oook , I won't annoy on this kind of jokes anymore... Just don't think that I am doing this because of the yellow card :p
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    dark pablo is in love

    lol lol lol , see who got the yellow card :D I can't stop laughing :D :D (and because I wasn't letting it go?) really nice joke (H) <------------------------------
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    dark pablo is in love

    I don't want to start another discussion , I'm gonna sleep (it's 4.30 am here) but i'd like to add only this... Well , some people (Incluiding the mods) are not respecting this rule... I think :rolleyes: I'm only thinking about this , you can think what you want about this... Well... we...
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    dark pablo is in love

    mate I do not only post on the English forums ... and yes I have to say that I learnt a lot of english on this forums... about the other things I won't say anything... I think that if I say any other thing it will start another discussion... I Have to say , it's logic that you know another...