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    to all ball maker´s

    i to all i have a request to make. please some one can make french league ball ? it doesnt came in fifa 10 pic. if any one have it please poast . thank´s
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    seaching the web

    I i will post some thing´s i found in some pes foruns around the world. some ball´s and 3 boots i threy to convert from some mag. boot´s in pes univerce. (sorry for my engl.)
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    how can i unlock f.c.porto gk i have unid but i don´t know how! please help
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    f.cporto flags

    fla´gs for f.c.porto you must have flag raptor these are authentic flag´s from super dragõess and coletivo these are the official f.c.porto claques
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    new kit and new minie kit´s

    it´s me once again to ask if you can do tree kits for porto i fon a picture from 1999 that as the tree kits together and i hoppe tha you could do this for me thank´s a lot mate. :)
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    new boots

    can any one do this booots for fifa 2003
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    new ball

    can any one do the euro 2004 ball from adidas roteiro
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    i can any one do deco umbro boots for fifa 2003 ? if so can any one toste here the final work p.s - can any one do a fantasy kit for f.c.porto (pede), and the new benfica shirts from the centenario .
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    kt 3
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    F.c.porto goes to monaco to beat a.c.milan 2-0 and we will win the cup. long live S.D. ( super dragões).:rockman:
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    request for new kits

    hagi can you please do f.c.porto home away and third (fantazy)thanks.
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    this is the simble.
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    new kits

    the simbleis this , and i sen to you a fantazy kit made by me from psg.